The following email arrived today, and comes from anguished family members, who, I’m sure, have to be very weary of the ups and downs of the trials Lea is going through, and are venting some frustration with the unknown. It is difficult to be separated by long distance and to be unable to provide support for a loved one. I’m sure this is a big part of the emotions expressed here.

“Larry, Just wanted to ask you a question. You say God is doing his work, but God made his choice to take Lea back on July 16th. You and the Dr. have been changing what God intended. Please explain to me what you mean what is God’s wish for Lea?

I worry when and if she pulls through this and has physical and mental problems what is she going to think of you not honoring her wishes as she has put in her living will. Will she resent you for not doing as she wished or will she thank you for not doing as she wished? I guess this will depend if she returns to a normal life and can resume what she was capable of before.

I really hope for your sake she will be her old self. I just can’t stop thinking what Dr. Mah would do if this were his wife.

Would he leave her to suffer so long or would he have let her go when this started in July. Please help me to understand why you feel the need to keep trying and not do what God intended to happen.

Larry thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to you answer explaining this so I can understand what you are thinking. I believe in God and say a prayer for Lea many times a day and also one for you that she won’t be disappointed in what quality of life she will have.

Larry I sure hope things will turn around pretty soon because I don’t know how long Lea’s body can keep fighting. I hope and pray it will be soon. I know you hope the same thing. I printed out the picture that you emailed and really appreciate you taking the time to attach it.

Larry have a good night and I look forward to your next email. The phone updates seem to be getting fewer all the time.”

a. ” Please explain to me what you mean what is God’s wish for Lea?” I believe God’s plan for Lea is to have her reach the hearts and souls of others who read of her plight, rethink their relationships with others and with God, and move them closer to the ministry He has planned for them. His plans for Lea? I don’t know about right now, or for the next few years, but I can tell you that she is going to get a whopping heavenly reward!

b. “her wishes in her living will.” Her living will says that she wouldn’t want her life sustained by a ventilator if there was no chance for recovery. Dr. Mah, and his boss Dr. Kirton, have both stated that she is likely to recover. They are required by law to advise us if there is no hope of recovery. If we should ever reach that point, I would let her go to her reward. It would be murder to turn the ventilator off right now.

c. “I really hope for your sake she will be her old self.” Me, too! So far, all tests, including the brain scan, indicate normal conditions. There is no reason so far to feel that she might not return to full normal activity.

d. “I sure hope things will turn around pretty soon because I don’t know how long Lea’s body can keep fighting.” Me, too! The nutritionist reported today that Lea’s nutrition level is improving, so her body is getting better. She also returned to working on the ventilator today, made eye contact with several of us, actually focused on us, and smiled at several people as they came in to say, “Hello.” (Praise God!) She puckered up when I arrived.

e. You know what? If God wanted to take her on the 16 th of July, or any other day, there is no force in the world that would have stopped Him. I am merely a pawn in His great plan, and am guided to do His will.

I didn’t have time to request permission to use the following information, so I am only going to say that it comes from a minister who provided counsel before I responded. I thank him for his insight and wisdom.

He stated, in part, “(Larry)’s accountability in this matter is before God.

What he knows for sure at this point is that he has entered into a covenant with your mom, before God, to love and care for her. That’s what he’s doing. He also knows that God DID NOT take your mom on July 16th. Quite the opposite, he put her in a position where her life could be preserved. Your dad is simply continuing along the path that the Lord set before him.

While I’m sure there are many situations where artificial life support means
should be discontinued, it seems to me that we’re to use all the means we
have at our disposal – provided by a sovereign God – to preserve life. If
there’s any doubt about which way to go in a situation like your dad’s, I’d
say it’s in the direction of honoring his marriage covenant and honoring
life. It comes to mind that . . . the friends’ advice (in the email) sounds a lot like that of Job’s friends!”

Thank you for the above email message from within our family, because it gave me a chance to do some soul-searching before I responded, and reaffirm my position on these questions. Thank you, too, to the minister for his wonderful insight that helped me gain another perspective on my service to Him by honoring my wife.

Thank you, God, for the guidance I have received from so many loved ones in Christ, and for the strength to follow the path you have laid out before us. Thank you for the blessings we have received; for the healing for Lea; and for always being here to answer our every need. Amen.

Good night, baby. Keep smiling!