“For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.” (Matthew 24:5)
1. Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. 2.This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, 3. but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the anti-christ, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world.
1 John 4.

Father, through the sacrifice of Your own beloved Son, we pray that You will help us receive Your will that we might be pleasing in Your eyes as we interceed and request these blessings on behalf of Your children:

Prayer today, Father, for those who need you in their lives, that their eyes and hearts would be opened that You might enter. Prayer, too, for Your saints here on earth who go about their daily struggles to maintain the faith and work toward righteousness. Uplift them, Father, that they might overcome the challenges set before them and set themselves apart from the world. You know my heart, Lord, and those for whom I am praying. Give them peace and comfort through salvation, and the courage to put on Your full armor and battle the evil overtaking this world. 

A prayer request from Kathy: Please put Maggie in your prayers as her seizures started over again last Thursday. Had to go get her from school then and also yesterday she had another. Also her hair is falling out bad. Doctors don’t know what is causing it. They did a thyroid test on her tuesday and we will get the  results today. Her hair is real thin now and she did have real thick hair. Please pray for her and put her in your prayer request at church as she is in need for all the prayers. Please pray that they will figure out what is going on with her and that she will out grow these seizures and that they will find out what is causing her hair to fall out as her hair is so pretty and means so much to her. Thanks

Lord, I pray for my mother, and her inner conflicts, that You would grant her peace and comfort as she deals with difficulties in her day to day life.

Father, we pray for safe travel for Amma and Pappa as they drive back home across country, and that they will be able to return safely here again soon.

Dear Lord God, we pray today for Drew, one of Your very special teachers, that the employment opportunity now before him, if it serves Your will, comes to fruitition. Drew’s family serves faithfully, leading many to a closer understanding of their relationship with You, and pray that your blessings will flow freely upon them.

Heavenly Father, we pray for Benjamin, who was exposed to Swine Flu, and for his pregnant mother, that they will be protected from infection. We pray for a circle of protection around this family, Father, and that You will work wonderful and majestic blessings in their lives.

Dear Lord, we pray for comfort and Peace for Gayle and her family as they grieve the unexpected loss of husband, father and grandfather, Jim. We know he is with You, and rejoice for him. Help Gayle through this difficult time of transistion and help her adjust to her new life without her soulmate.

Father, prayer for Lee that he is able to travel home, back to the Midwest, to be with his loved ones there.  We pray for his peace and comfort as Your will is worked through him.

Father, a prayer for Lee, who was admitted to Kona Hospital with severe abdominal pain diagnosed as abdominal aortic aneurysm.  We pray for his peace and comfort as Your will is worked through him. 

Praise, Father, for the blessing of safe travel during our recent trip to Indiana. Thank you for the wonderful friends who made us feel so welcome. Please be with those in our thoughts as You administer to their needs.

Heavenly Father, we pray for Lea’s brother, Bob, who has just undergone 8 hours of heart surgery, and is concerned that the surgery didn’t work. We pray for his comfort and healing, and that You will bless him according to Your will.

Thank You, Lord, for the rain with which You have blessed us. You know our needs, and we place our faith in Your divine design.

Father, we come to you in humble prayer, to ask that you intercede on behalf of all living things in our area that need water for survival. We pray for a gentle breaking of the drought that has held this area in its grip for so long. We need rain. We need sufficient amounts of rain to fill our reservoirs and watering tanks, to replenish the water table and all things You have created that need rain. Please, Lord, if it be Your will to break this drought, we pray for Your good favor. In Jesus’ name. Amen. 

8/19 – “Brothers and Sisters, Thanks for continuing to pray for mom (Gail Barley). God has different timing than we would choose as the biopsy on the tumor in the sinus area came back malignant. Here is the run-down: Chemotherapy for the tumor in her abdomen (and cancer in general) has been working well. The abdomenal tumor has gotten much smaller. But chemo is now on hold for a few weeks. -Her hip was weakened by a tumor. She has a hairline fracture in her hip now so is having hip surgery tomorrow (Thursday)  afternoon. Radiation on her sinus area will begin next week. Radiation on her hip will begin after she recovers a bit from the surgery. Chemo will resume in approximately 3-4 weeks. The doctors are confident that both areas of radiation are “targetable” and the tumors will be irradicated. We are also confident that God will continue to not only use the amazing doctors we have here but also begin more obvious supernatural healing. Please join us as we pray for this healing without wavering in our belief in our promise-fulfilling God. He is bigger than our circumstances and loving in all his ways.” Father, if it be Your will, please be with this wonderful family, and particularly Bill, as they weather this trial of faith. We pray for healing for Gail, and a circle of protection for Bill that his faith with not waver, but grow in depth.

7/15 – Praise, Lord, for the many wonderful miracles you have worked in our lives, including the heart ransplant for Joe, and his healing. Thank you, father, for working so mightily in his life!

6/28 – Lord, Jesus, please continue to bless our church and its efforts to reach into the community with Your word. Bless our teachers, and minister, as they bring Your Word into our lives. Empower them to reach into the very depths of our hearts and minds to stir our souls to rejoice in You and strive to serve Your will in our daily lives. Amen!

6/26 – Heavenly Father, please be with Kristin and her unborn baby as they go through this pregnancy. Please put a shield of protection around this baby and bring it, healthy, into this world to enter Your church family and be of service to Your holy mission. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

6/24 – Father, God, bless Your name in heaven and earth! Thank you for the healing of our dear friend, Gail, in whom you have reduced the mass, and returned to her the energy and vigor to be able to serve You joyfully. We ask You to continue to guide her and direct her to serve You, and be a blessing to You, as she ministers through her illness and recovery. 

6/18 – Father, Pastor Albert Adams has been diagnosed with Hairy Cell Leukemia, and will begin chemotherapy at the end of July. We pray for this pastor’s recovery, and that You will use this faith challenge to strengthen him and his church family. Thy will be done. Amen.

6/12 – Prayer for Jim that his diabetes will be brought under control and stabilize.

6/10 – A circle of protection around Lance and his family as they travel to California.

3/30 – Prayer of intercession, Lord, for Bill Dovellos, age 46, who had a bowel resection two weeks ago, and has to begin chemotherapy in three weeks. We pray for peace and comfort, and remission of this desease.

3/30 – Prayer of intercession, heavenly Father, for our friend Joe, who is still in the hospital, still very sick, with still no progress in his improvement. We pray that You will grant him peace and comfort, and return him to his family.

3/29 – Prayer of intercession, Father God, for Gail, who is undergoing a series of radiation treatments to reduce the mass on her hip that is pressing against the sciactic nerve, causing excrutiating pain. Through medicine or miracle, Lord, we pray for her complete miraculous healing.

3/27 – Prayer for our friend Joe, as he recovers from unknown complications.  Please be with him, Lord, and bless him and his family. Amen. 

3/26 – Prayer for Jean on her birthday. Prayer for mom’s safe travel as she visits family in Hawaii.

3/19 – Prayer request, Father, for healing for Robert, who is hospitalized with pneumonia and other complications. Prayer, too, Lord God, for our doctors and nurses, that You will guide them in their decisions and treatments, and assist them be a blessing to those they serve.

3/18 – Prayer for Joe, Lord, as he is hospitalized with unknown ailments. Praise that he has recovered very well from the recent heart transplant You granted him. Be with him now in his medical issues that he might completely recover.

3/17 – Continued prayer for Gail, who is undergoing tratment for colon cancer. Lord, we pray earnestly for her miraculous recovery, that she might continue serving You mightily.

3/16 – Prayers, Father, for Benjamin, mommy and daddy as they struggle through colds.

3/15 – Father, blessings for this family, who wrote: “I know the power of prayer on this site has been incredible so I’m going to utilize it. My sister, Gracie, had a pretty bad seizure this afternoon along with a temperature of 103-105. It was pretty sudden and with the complications of her having a chromosome disorder, was a cause for some panic. The EMT’s took her to Goshen, who then decided she was better off at Memorial in South Bend. By the time the Memorial NICU team got there, her fever was down and she was doing a bit better, but they took her for observation. Preliminary results from a spinal tap came back negative for meningitis, but the doctors are holding her for 48 hours to let all of her cultures grow out.  Please keep my Dad and her Mom (Dave and Maria) and Gracie in your prayers. ”

3/12 – Travel mercies as we return mother home after a three week visit. Praise, Father, that You blessed our time together.

3/10 – Continued prayer for the cleansing and healing of Gail as she undergoes cancer treatment in Honolulu.

3/09 – Prayer for Megan on her 18th birthday. May Your will be served in her life.

3/08 – Praise, Lord, that we have been able to extend our ministry through entertaining church members in our home. Prayer for Susie as she struggles with how to enter the ministry You have laid upon her heart.

3/06 – Praise, Lord, for the many wonderful blessings You provide in our lives and the lives of those we love. Prayer of mercies for Dean, Anna, Debbie, Larkin, Drew, pastor Ken, music director Nathan, Mike, Susie & Paul, and others, including the unsaved who need You in their lives.

2/28 – Praise, Lord, for bringing Lea through another episode of extremely low blood sugar during the night.

2/22 – Prayer for Marjorie as she deals with the loss of a loved one who has returned home.

2/15 – Prayer of strength for Dottie in her ministry.

2/06 – Father, we join Gail & Bill in praying for a reversal miracle. The Lord has given him Psalm 32:8 today and Bill is holding on to it as a promise. “I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you.” Father, we pray to You for peace and comfort as they await a course of action from the oncologists, and that your will for Gail is a granting of release from this disease.

2/05 – Father, we pray for a simple, accurate surgery for Megan, that relieves her of the pain and discomfort she has been experiencing.

1/27 – We pray for comfort for Brian, Sharon and Barbara, as they navigate the grief suffered in the loss of Brian’s father.

1/26 – For Lance as he turns 40. Continued guidance and rich blessings as he grows with his family.

1/25 – Father, be with me as I witness for You, that my testimony might glorify You and Your wonderful works.

1/24 – For Gail as she undergoes more medical exams to discover the cause of the mass in her hip that is rapidly growing.  We pray for relief from her constant pain, and complete remission of the cancer.

1/22 – For Marjorie’s peace and comfort as she deals with the passing of her husband.

1/12 – Praise, Father, for the wonderful workings You have provided for little Anna, for Joe, Lea, members of our church families and so many others that have been blessed by Your benevolence.

1/6 – Your daughter, Marjorie, comes before You to ask for peace and comfort for her husband who is gravely ill and under constant medical supervision. We pray, Father, that You will grant a shower of blessings on this couple according to Your will, and that Your peace, and the joy of Your love, will be a blessing to them in this time of difficulty.

1/5 – Praise, Father, for keeping Lea from serious injury in her fall in the shower today, and for bringing back to my memory those horrible feelings of helplessness and heart-wrenching agony that led me to change my life’s direction and focus to serving Your purpose for me. I rededicate myself, Lord, to Your service, and seek Your will for our lives. You are a good and gracious God, and we praise You for the many blessings You bestow on Your children. Hallelujah! Glory to God! King of Kings, and God of Gods.

1/2 – Heavenly Father, we pray for a circle of protection for Bill and Jane as they deal with the reality of the loss of their livelihood as a result of the fire that destroyed their store and studio. Protect them from attacks from the enemy in any form, and show them how You raise mighty ministries from the ashes of destruction. They are your children, Lord, give themselves over to You, and await Your guidance. We pray, Lord, that Your timing will be swift and powerful. In Jesus’ sweet name. Amen.

12/17 – Father, we give You praise for bringing together so many loved ones a few weeks ago to spend a joyful day with Lea’s cousin Rosie, just a short time before You brought her home. We pray for the comfort and peace for her family knowing that she is now in Your loving care. Particularly, Father, we raise up her daughter, who is to be married in just a few days. We know her loss will be great so soon after her mother’s passing, but we pray that You will provide her, and the rest of the family, the joy Rosie always brought with her, and that her loving memory will be an inspiration to those in attendance. Praise You, Lord, that we can rejoice in the passing of a loved one, knowing that they have now entered into eternal life with You. Amen!

12/16 – Father, prayer of intercession for Megan and her physical needs. We pray for the unspoken healing that will be required, Lord, and know that if it is Your will, this healing will be given. We pray for the joy of life we wish for her, and lift her up for Your protection and grace. Amen.

12/15 – Comfort, Heavenly Father, for Charlotte, who is going through mysterious heart palpatations the doctors have not been able to diagnose. We pray that her doctors will be able to restore her to a more comfortable state of health, and that she will be able to continue caring for and nurturing those she blesses so freely.

12/8 – Lord, please be with Marnita this morning as she receives an artificial heart. Guide the surgeon’s hands as the procedure is performed, and bless her with quick healing and the will to witness for You, according to Your plan. Amen.

12/8 – Thank You, Father, for the healing and recovery of our dear friend Gary, and for returning him safely to his home for recovery from surgery. We ask You to bless him with comfort and peace as he continues to heal.

12/7 – Praise, Lord, for the wonderful fellowship we enjoy with our church family. We thank you for working so mightily in blessing our congregation, and for the privilege of showing our appreciation to those in church today who were in the military service on Pearl Harbor Day, 1941.

12/6 – Prayer, Father, for our dear friend Herb, who is experiencing severe pain and discomfort as he faces certain surgery for hip replacement. You know, Lord, that he doesn’t have insurance to cover his medical expenses, and that he needs Your strength to bolster him through these trials laid out before him. Please be with him to provide peace and relief from his pain. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

12/5 – Grace and healing, Lord, for Marnita, who is to receive an artificial heart Monday morning.  Her prayer, Father, is to live long enough to raise her daughter to adulthood.  If it be Your will, we pray for this selfless blessing for our sister Marnita. In Jesus name. Amen.

12/1 – Prayer, Lord, for our dear friend Gary, who was rushed again this morning to the hospital, and for guiding the surgeons’ hands this Wednesday as they conduct surgery to return him to good health. Father, if it be Your will, we pray for healing for Gary, peace for his family, and comfort for all. We pray, too, Lord, for those who don’t care enough to lift up other members of your church.

11/29 – Praise God! Lea and I just received a phone call from our dear friend, Joe, who received a new heart in transplant surgery just two weeks ago. He has regained much of his strength following the surgery, and is feeling stronger every day. Thank You, Lord, for blessing Joe, and through him, all of us who lifted him up to you for healing.

11/28 – Prayer for Lea, who is feeling frustrated, and for softening of the heart of a person who is causing her this pain. Create a way for the two to become friends. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

11/19- From Carol: “My friend Marnita is a 42 year old single mother who is on a heart transplant list.  She had a heart cath. Tuesday morning…her heart is deteriorating and fluid is building around the heart.  They drained the fluid and she is feeling stronger today, but that is only a quick fix.

Marnita is in my Sunday School class and lives her life for God.  Her prayer is not for a new heart, but rather to live long enough to raise her daughter to adulthood.” Father, if it be Your will, we pray for this selfless blessing for our sister Marnita. In Jesus name. Amen.
11/18 – Praise God! Our one-year old grandson has learned to walk. He is such a blessing to us, Lord. Thank You for our continuing shower of blessings. Glory to Your name!

11/16- Praise, God, for the wonderful blessings You grant us. We pray for a circle of protection around our loved ones as they travel back home, and for continued edification and discernment for Link as he continues serving you through the church body in Kona.

11/15 – Praise, God, for your gracious blessing of our friend Joe; provision of a new heart, guiding the surgeon’s hands,  and providing an uneventful procedure. We pray, now, Lord, that you will provide a speedy recovery for him, and return him into Your service with a renewed faith as a witness for Your love and power.

11/13- Praise, Lord, for providing a heart for our friend Joe Stroup, and prayer for a safe heart transplant tonight, and a quick and full recovery for him.

11/11 – Prayer for safety for Sgt Jeff Barton and his fellow troops as they head back from a short leave stateside to finish their deployment in Kosovo.

11/8 – Prayer for safe travel for Lance and his family.

11/6 – Prayer for our nation’s wisdom and discernment in tomorrow’s election.

10/31 – Praise, Lord, for sending little Anna Yutzy home from the hospital for the first time after spending her first year on this earth struggling for a near normal life. We thank you for answering our prayers, and ask that You continue to walk with her each and every day.

10/26 – Praise, Father, for the blessing of Benjamin, who is turning one year old today. Glory to You for the countless blessings You bestow upon us, and for the grace we receive through Jesus Christ, our savior.

9/17 – We lift up Sandy, who has degenerative disk disease in her back, severe pain in the left shoulder, right hip and back complicated by a recent fall, and an undiagnosed mass near the uterus. Provide pain relief, Lord, while strengthening her resolve and stewardship.

9/16 – Lord, we ask Your provision for Lea as she continues to recover her former mental capacity and physical strength, and that she will grow in You through confronting her day to day challenges. We pray for quick recovery of her suddenly escalated triglycerides, and that her heal will continue to improve.

9/14 – Praise to You, Lord, as we realized today that Benjamin is not only a inexpressibly wonderful Blessing for his earthly family, but that he may also be a Reward for all of us; grandparents on both sides of the family who have experienced tremendous grief and tests of faith, and parents who have longed for a child to raise in Your sight. Yours is the glory, Lord. Praise Your name!

9/12 – Lord, we lift up Jim and Pam, as they approach Your throne; Dave and Dottie as they provide stewardship; Larry and Lea as they continue seeking the path You have set out before them.

9/10 – We uplift Gwen, our cousin, and sister in you, for healing during her recovery from a stroke.

9/2 – Strength of faith for Jean; compassion for Stanley; clarity of mind, and health, for Marjorie as she tries to define her goals and establish an independent lifestyle for herself and her new spouse.

8/17 – We pray for the homeless, and the thieves in the night who burglarized our personal vehicle overnight, stealing personal items to improve their own lives. We lift these folks up from their dismal lives that they might be cleansed and made pure in Your sight.

8/15 – Our churches and pastors, Lord, that they will follow your will, minister wholeheartedly, edify their congregations, and inspire their memberships to carry your Word forward, to save this country from its constant morale decline into self destruction.

7/31 – Prayer Requests:
Brian F’s mother, Barbara, had a heart attack last night.  She is in ICU at South Austin.  They are also needing help with Brian’s father while Barbara is in the hospital.
Tony U–heart attack and kidney failure.  He is having procedure Friday 8/1, at South Austin.
Thomas B–his coworker/friend Mario Rodriguez has cancer in his sinus, needs surgery and treatment.
Geneva–awaiting scheduling of a CT scan and then will probably have radiation for 3 weeks, her ulcer hasn’t healed and is painful.
JoAnn E. – prayer–her daughter Tammy’s house needs to sell
Lori has shingles
Arty W has calf and body aches.  He is going to an endocrinologist on 8/18/08.  They are praying for a diagnosis.  He is depressed about his situation
Claudel’s friend Elizabeth was attacked, beaten and raped in her home and is currently in a coma
Lea is having follow up chest X-ray to diagnose a spot on her right lung discovered 6 months ago

Ruth–praise–she walked Wed. w/o a walker
Praise the Blacks made it back from vacation safely
Annetta B–praise–doesn’t need surgery
Elaine McA–praise–David and Katy doing well post the hurricane
Benjamin-health and delightful personality
Lance-new occupation a good fit, and future looks promising.

7/23 – Father, we come to you in fervent prayer for Stacy, wife of a pastor whom the devil has been able to turn to the worldly desires of the flesh, resulting in abandonment of his family, and his loss of the way. We pray that you will be with her and her family, provisioning for them, Lord, according to Your will. We pray that You will increase them in the faith and provide for them in ways that will make them even dearer to You. Thank You, Father, for giving us the faith to know that through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, we can obtain grace, and that You protect us and guard us, just as a parent cares for their children. Please be with this family, Lord, and shower upon them the blessings they so richly deserve.

7/19 – Praise the Lord for a wonderful family reunion, with an attendance of almost 100 family and extended family members. Glory to God that our friends Joe and Pat were able to attend. Joe is on the heart transplant list, and had to sign off for the weekend in order to be with their extended family. We lift Joe up in prayer than that ideal heart will become avaialble to him very soon, and that his recovery will be quick and miraculous through the will of our Lord. We lift up Dennis and Larry D, who are approaching surgery for chronically critical arthritic conditions. Also, their brother, Bob, who has had life threatening cardiac problems. Here’s a note from his wife: “Bob was released yesterday. He is supposed to call the heart surgeon tomorrow for an appointment to see when they want to do the other stent, it is needed on the left part of his heart, which the nurse said it is in a critical part of the heart. He does feel a lot better, but has had a few times of light burning and some shortness of breath. Keep him in your prayers. I told him God gave him to us one more time. He could have died at any moment!!” Glory to God that He continues to work His plan through our lives.

7/17 – Father, we pray for your healing intervention for this family: A note to update you on Bob. He is to have a heart cath tomorrow at 7 a.m. The stress test he had last Thursday, showed he has had a heart attack!! The doctor said his heart is in excellent shape–they just need to see what caused the attack. Keep us in your prayers, it has been very stressful here, with Jason and Kyla needing back surgery, Jason and Jeff both lost their jobs, and I found out I have mild copd, probably chronic bronchitis. I am sooo depending on God, he helps me through my anxiety attacks, etc. Our vacation time was not what we wanted, but I am glad we were not on the road when Bob needed help. Also, one of our friends that was very close to Bob, died a week ago last Monday. We did make the trip to Port Byron, IL, for the funeral.

6/27 – Father, we pray for your healing intervention for Elaine, rushed to the hospital with a possible ruptured appendix. We also pray for the family of Kristi Perrin who returned to Your glory Wednesday. Give them peace and comfort in knowing that she resides in Your loving protection.

6/27 – Father, take this grief from me. I realize that it is my pride that has been so severely shattered, and that I have been praying to overcome pride in my life. I just didn’t expect Your help to come in this form! Please help me understand, Lord, so that I may become a better witness for You.

7/3 – We pray for peace and comfort for Thomas and Annetta Black as they face complicated, and potentially serious medical issues.

7/2 – Praise to the Lord for the healing we have witnessed being worked among those we fellowship with. We pray for the faith and wisdom to accept our challenges gracefully, that we might always honor You.

6/27 – Protect Amma and Papa during their travels to their home in New Mexico. Place a shield of protection around them, Lord, that they may return safely to Austin to provide for Kristin and Lance’s lovely family as only they can do.

6/27 – From Deanna: Dad (Lee) took a tumble today outside….he’s ok…but two things in specific to pray about please that the doctor mentioned….he’s got a big goose egg of blood on his left eye brow..(they don’t want it to drain)..the doctor said to watch for any secondary bleeding inside that might occur within the next week or so and cause changes in thinking, actions…. so pray for that not to happen at all and that this will just heal completely and quickly. Secondly, his right knee is swollen and scraped and may have twisted during the fall….pray for complete healing of that as well

6/26 – A prayer for Benjamin, who is 8 months old today. Please continue to bless him Lord with Your love through us, that he might continue to increase in You. Protect him, Lord, from evil.

6/16 – We pray for comfort and a compassionate strength for one who is embarrassed to be in front of her church family because of an ungodly relationship a family member is continuing against advise of many others. We pray for understanding of that person’s ability to rationalize away God’s direction in these matters, and for the unwillingness to befriend those who have sincerely offered friendship. We pray for compassion, grace and happiness in working your will.

6/14 – Our friend Jocqueline Kowrach, from our Living Stones church family has had an accident at gardening class and cut off a large portion of her index finger and thumb. She called en route to the hospital and requested prayer. No other details, but your prayers for wisdom of doctors and rapid healing is requested.

6/11 – Please keep Terrys mother in your prayers. Terrys brother Jeff called Terry in California this morning, where he has been working, and told him. She is in Mexico, Missouri. They found two main arteries clogged. One was 90% and they stinted that one to open it up as much as they could. The other one was 100% and needs surgery and she is too weak for that. This afternoon Jeff called Terry and their mother’s heart has stopped twice and she’s been revived but she is bleeding internally now. She’s has had heart trouble for many years but her heart is wearing out. She’s wanted to give up since Terrys dad passed away 4 years ago in August this year. We would appreciate all your prayers. We’re needing Terry to be able to go home and money is tight along with his job right now (as it is with everyone). If it is God’s will, she will survive. Thanks, Carol.

6/11 – Father, we lift up, again, little Anna Yutzy, hospitalized since birth and struggling with recovery. We pray for a complete recovery, Lord, and a long and fruitful life in Your service.

6/10 – Father, we lift up Lance as he prepares for a new career path, and that You will guide him in Your purpose for his life.

6/7 – Father, we lift up Moni, and pray that her course of treatment will not only be successful, but that it will glorify You, and bring hearts closer to You.

6/5 – Praise, Lord, for the uneventful dental surgery, and the recovery. Thank You for the many blessings You shower upon us. Guide us, Lord, that we might serve You perfectly.

6/4 – Peace for Lea as she has, what we pray, will be minor dental surgery tomorrow. Lord, we know her bones are very weak, and that the surgery could easily fracture her jaw, or cause other complications. We know You will be there with us Lord, we just pray that Your will is for this to be a non-event. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

6/4 – Lord, I pray that You will be with Lea and me as we undertake bible studies this summer with our church family in Austin, and another with our church family in Kona. Open our minds, hearts, and eyes, Lord, that we might be filled with the Holy Spirit as we seek Your will for our lives.

6/4 – Comfort and joy for those who loved Bill Sampson, at his passing this morning. Praise You, Father, that his trial here on Earth is past, and he is now forever in Your glorious presence. Hallelujah!

5/31 – Praise, Father, for the safe return of Marlowe and Dean from their travels.

5/27 – Praise You, Lord, for the surprisingly good news about Pam’s friend’s health, and the peace you have given them both.

5/23 – We join our church family in Hawaii in praying for Darren, who was near death due to drug addiction. Dear God, we pray that you will bring him back from the brink of death, heal him of this addiction, and bring him to salvation.

5/20 – Comfort for Pam, grieving over her loss of a dear friend. Prayer for bountiful blessings in her life.

5/7 – Father, we continue to lift up Anna Yutzy, as she struggles overcome her medical problems and become a normal, healthy little baby. We pray, too, for her family members, and all those who love her, that You might be revealed to them through her healing.

5/2 – Praise our Father in heaven! Glory to God for another glorious day together, in His service!

4/30 – Blessings for Carol, who sends news of these blessings and prayer requests. “My oldest son and his wife have a new baby girl Elyza Ruth Bridgeman born March 9 weighing 9lb 2 oz, she joins 2 1/2 year old Everett Ray. My youngest (Scott) is back in Qatar for a couple of months…keep him in your prayers please. I do have a prayer request. A young mother in my church is waiting for a heart transplant. She also has Lupus. Her name is Marnita, her only child is 9 year old Mary Lou who has recently been diagnosed with ulcers (worrying about her mother). We are well and God blesses me daily.” Amen!

4/29 – We lift up our beloved Bill Barley, Don Jennings and Ken Baldwin as they lead their congregations. Bless them with wisdom, conviction and inspiration that they might continue to bring those wandering souls into the holy church family.

4/27 – Thank You, Lord, for bringing Lea safely through a bout with restaurant food poisoning. Please protect Lea this week as she prepares to bake a dessert for our midweek bible study.

4/26 – Thank You, father, for protecting our church family members during their travels, and bringing them home safely to lead and nurture us.

4/25 – We lift up Lance as he enters training for a new career, and that You will guide and provide, Lord, according to Your perfect plan. Give him wisdom and understanding. Protect his family during a time when they have no insurance coverage.

4/23 – Bless Moni, Lord, diagnosed with rare epithelioid gastro-intestinal stromal tumor. We pray that the chemo will not only be successful, but a gentle course of treatment.

4/21 – We lift up our loved one who continues to search for work, health insurance for his family, and for patience and peace in knowing that You always provide for Your children.

4/20 – Praise, Lord, for safe journey provided. Blessings of safe travels for members of our church family as they attend to family matters. We lift up our pastor that You will continue to lead and inspire him.

4/13 – Quieting of spirit and provision of peace of mind for mom during her drive through unfamiliar surroundings to a new home in a distant state. Prayer for her children as they try to provide for her needs.

4/12 – We lift up our loved one who is searching for work, for provision, and peace in knowing that You will provide. We lift up our church family and each of their needs to You, Lord, that Your will be done.

4/10- Praise the Lord for blessings of successful surgeries for Marjorie and Junior, as they receive improved health as a result! Glory to God!

4/10 – Praise to God for continued improvement for little Anna Rene. We continue to lift her up for healing, and lift up her extended family for the blessings received from knowing You.

4/7 – Wanted to write and ask for everyone prayers for Dans mom (Marjorie) and his step dad (Jr.) . Mom has to have triple stent surgery Wednesday morning as the main artery in both legs are clogged and she needs a stent to her heart. As of now all they are thinking they have to do is go in and put stents in all of them. She had a bypass a few years ago, so I sure hope and pray everything goes ok. Jr. has to go in Thursday and have a stent put in the artery to his heart. So they both are going to be down for a while. Please everyone pray that it all goes well for them both.

3/31 – Uncle Jimmy, for relief of his shoulder and neck discomfort. For Larry D’s knee and back problems, Kathy’s continuing pain following extensive back surgery, Dan’s flu, and for all those who need Your healing hand on this day.

3/30 – Rosalie White, for relief of her pain, comfort during her hospitalization, and blessings for her family. Peace and guidance for Marjorie, her children and other family members during this difficult time of decision making.

3/29 – Ruth Ballis for recovery from a variety of illnesses. 

3/25 – Lord, be with Anna today as she struggles to gain control of breathing on her own. Grant her a full recovery, Lord, as You show Your might to those who need the revelation. Praise You, Lord, for your grace and mercy. Amen.

3/24 – Dawn & Lance for successful interviews and networking. In our church family; the Hurley family for peace and comfort as various members struggle with illness and the need for employment. We hold up Kathy for abatement of the pain she suffers as a result of extensive back surgery. Glory to you, Lord, for victories over sin.

3/23 – Praise God for the gift of His son, that He might suffer a human death to give us salvation!

3/21 – A special prayer for you, Anna, on this Good Friday, as you enter this very important surgery. May God’s abundant grace be with you, and may your miraculous story be a testimony to His love throughout your life.

Father, please bless Anna today. Show the power of prayer submitted in Your love, by granting Anna a successful procedure, and wondrous recovery. Father, you know what a blessing she is to so many who have followed her trials. We just pray now that it is your will to bless all of us through her complete triumph over illness. In the name of the Father, the risen Son, and the Holy Spirit we give thanks. Amen.
Praise God!

3/20 – Praise God for the provision of a good job for Dawn! We pray that You will continue to have Your hand in their lives as they work through the next few months to get a home purchased and their family back together under one roof.

3/9 – Provision for Dawn, Troy and family as they home-hunt and relocate their family.

3/2 – You know what is in our hearts, Lord. We pray for provision of employment where that is needed, compassion where there is shortsightedness, forgiveness where there is hurt, and love where there is still distrust.

3/1 – Clarity in life choices being made, and that You would have Your hand in the decisions.

3/1 – For Lea. Protect her from the horrible bronchitis that is so pervasive in the community.

3/1 – Thank you for the pain relief with which You have blessed Kathy, and that no further surgery would be required.

2/28 – Softening of that heart, Lord, forgiveness where there has been none, and a glorious return to Your service

2/22 – Relief of the severe pain that persists six weeks after Kathy’s back surgery.

2/19 – Your hand in the lives of Chris & Amanda for a blessed pregnancy and joyous delivery of their first child.

2/18 – Healing and quick recovery from the colds and flu being experienced by our loved ones.

1/20 – Thank you for the delay in Kathy’s back surgery that allowed the surgeons to find a previously unknown complication that will ensure they take appropriate steps for her stability during the procedure. Guide their hands, Lord.

1/20 – Andy – for compassion, clarity and faith. Also for Robyn, who needs your guidance and support.

1/20 – Marshal Gary as he enters the new year with adversaries at his door

1/15 – Kathy David – back surgery

1/14 – Larry, as he seeks Your will for his life

1/9 – Comfort for the family of Anna Flessner who passed from this life at the age of 96 to join our Heavenly Father.

1/8- Comfort and peace for the family of JoAnn Singell, 71, who passed from this life to join the heavenly host.

1/6 – Lee Bergmeier – safe, peaceful and comfortable travel for him as he relocates to Hawaii. Blessings for Link & Deanna as they provide for him in this season of his life.

Dr Tom Miller and staff – continued love and joy for the kindnesses they give, without hesitation, to others

Scott & Jeanie – Your guidance in working through the differences that challenge their marriage

Marlowe Donaldson – continued success for her personal ministry and the church ministries she serves

Danielle – assistance in her studies, and compassion in her duties, to help her achieve success beyond her highest goals

Anna Rene Yutzy- for miraculous healing

Lance – success in achieving the certification for which he is studying

Chris Watkins – A shield of protection for him, and peace for Amanda

Armon & Barbara – peace and comfort

Gary Roush – peace, comfort, happiness, salvation

Dallas Wilson – Your guidance, and the strength to endure in Your service

Rick, Teri, Madeleine & Jack – showers of blessings and Your protection

Kora David – miraculous healing and Your hand in her life

Kim – success in her career, happiness in her life, and the joy of salvation

Maria – happiness, comfort and joy for the kindness she shows others
Adam and Angela – happiness in marriage and Your hand in their relationship and their nursing careers

Ken Baldwin – Your guidance as he leads Kinney Avenue Christian Fellowship church

Steve, Rose & Stephanie – showers of blessings, and Your hand in their lives

Marjorie – clarity of mind

Benjamin Lucas Vaughn – Your hand in his upbringing

Lance and Kristin – Your grace in their day to day lives

Cory David & children – Your grace, their faith, comfort and joy in You

Lyndi & Megan – protection as they travel on Your mission trips

Paster Don Jennings II as he enters his 26th year with Harbor Shores church – clarity, leadership and a multitude of blessings

Eric Blair – a closer walk with You, and Your guidance in his life

Liz Blair, wonderful caregiver – peace, Lord; A closer walk with You, for her career and her family…for John and Emily

David & Dottie – clarity, comfort, joy as they go about Your work

Bill & Jane and those Sacred Grounds – that You would move mightily through their ministry of love

Vi & Ron – faith and peace as they enjoy the golden years of life together

Lyndi – guidance as she matures in Your service and caring for others

Stacy – stable heath, enriched faith, Xandrick awarded, a closer walk with You

Joe Stroup – comfort, peace, and stable health as he awaits a heart transplant, and a suitable donor

Pat Stroup – comfort and peace as she cares for Joe as he awaits a heart transplant

Megan – as she handles the technical duties trusted to her during church services

Deanna – joy from doing her hospital ministry and her music ministry

Raymond & Janie – a closer walk with You, salvation, joy through friendship

Glenn Bridgeman – healing

Our beloved church family at Living Stones Church in Kona – joy in walking with You

Billianne and family – a shield of protection, joy in sharing Your blessings

Paster Bill Barley & the leadership team of Living Stones Church – clarity as they do Your work

Dr Tom Miller – peace & joy in knowing You, and comfort in providing gentle care for others

Lee Bergmeier – comfort in faith

Christy McNeal – comfort and peace

Kathy David – healing and reduction of pain

Caregivers of Hartford Hospital Bliss 9I who cared for Lea and me – peace, comfort, joy at their achievements

Dr John Mah – clarity, compassion, peace, joy through receiving Your guidance – happiness in his upcoming marriage

Lea, continued healing and showers of blessings