Just a quick note to advise that Lea was discharged from Riverview Hospital this afternoon, and is now at home. Her pain level is still pretty high, but I think she is doing a good job of managing it. We are making sure she gets her meds on time, and it seems that she has only about an hour’s discomfort . . . half an hour before the dose and half an hour after it.

We are figuring out how to set up the bedroom and living room to accommodate her needs, and will work that out over the next couple of days. Meanwhile, we will focus on keeping her as comfortable as possible while continuing to assist her in getting that new knee working 100%.

Thank our Lord for bringing us to this point, and glory to Him as He brought us opportunties to witness for Him at the hospital. Thank each of you who called, dropped an email or sent a card. Each is greatly appreciated. If you haven’t yet signed up to get these updates via email, why not do that right now? That way you’ll be able to keep up to date without having to remember to log into the blog.

Best wishes, and God bless!