Lea and I attended a choral concert at our church last night, and had a wonderfully poignant experience punctuated by moments of deeply stirring emotion. The concert was given by the Master’s Chorale, an auditioned 60-voice choir lead by conductor Dr Paul T Plew. Members of the choir come from throughout the United States and many other countries. They are students in virtually every area of study available at The Master’s College, located in Santa Clarita, California.

The Chorale performs sacred works from every major period, combining musical excellence with scriptural truths. Dressed in formal attire, the choir quickly took the stage, arranged themselves on a four-tier dais, and immediately performed their first two or three pieces. It was a delightful experience to hear them perform in the worship center where we have enjoyed so many edifying sermons by Pastor Don Jennings II.

Then, quite unexpectedly, most of the choir, as well as the conductor, quickly left the stage, leaving only a smattering of members on the stage facing the audience. The rest of the choir members arranged themselves around the auditorium so they encircled the sides and back of the audience, with the conductor at the back of the room.

The lights were quickly dimmed to candlelight level, as the beautifully executed strains of Gloria began to softly ebb and flow from one side of the auditorium to the other and back again. First the altos, then the tenors followed by the basses, and wending its way through the waves of melodious music was the soft, chilling, song of the sopranos. It was exquisite!

The beautiful sound, unlike anything I had experienced before, was immediately reverent. I was compelled to close my eyes to block out all visual interference. This was an aural experience that transported me, humbly, into the very presence of God. Chills of ecstasy ran down the back of my neck and arms. My palms turned upward in worship.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I thought of how Randy Alcorn described the worshipful music in Heaven, and I realized that I was feeling an indescribable joy at hearing armies of angels softly sing in harmonious worship of my King. It was incredibly moving.

The Master’s Chorale is performing several nights in May in Indiana, Pennsylvania and New York. They are scheduled to perform again at Carnegie Hall Saturday, May 26. I can only imagine what a blessing that will be for members of the Chorale to perform His word in that grand old hall, and how moving it will be for the audience to experience the power of their performance. I pray that God will have His hand in their appearance there, and use it to His glory.