Our dear friend, Joe, who suffered the heart attack in Connecticut back in 2005, and subsequently received a heat transplant in 2008, is back in the hospital with unknown complications that seem more related to the course of treatment than the transplant itself. His wife writes, “Well we’re going on almost 2 weeks in the hospital and he’s still the same, if not a little worse. He is so week he can’t hardly get out of bed to go to the bathroom, and when he tries to get back in bed, he can’t hardly lift his legs back on to the covers.

He has lost so much muscle, his arms and legs are getting thin and flabby. He’s so sick and his back still hurts so bad, it’s hard to stay and see him like that.  Needless to say he did not come home today, and I’d be very surprised if he gets home before next week. I think he misunderstood the Dr. yesterday when he said he was coming home today. Or else he was just having a pleasant dream. 

The Dr. is cutting back on one of his suppressant drugs to the smallest amount they can give him, because one of the side effects is diarrhea, and they have started giving him an IV drug that he had last Friday. I can’t remember what the drug name was, but it seemed to make Joe start to feel better, but then he started back sliding, and he’s as bad right now, as he has ever been. I know he’ll get through this, and he’ll be back to his smart butt self before long, but this has been a very long 3 weeks.”

We lift Joe up for prayer and recovery. His is a sweet soul, and a blessing to many others. We pray the Lord’s will is for Joe to continue blessing those around him, and that his recovery will be quick and complete. Lord, please grant this healing for Joe. In Jesus’ name, Amen.