The Life Issues Institute ( has issued an urgent update to the status of the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), now looming in Congress. The Institute’s efforts to fight FOCA are beginning to bear fruit. Together, we right-to-life advocates are making enough noise that we’ve given the President and pro-abortion leaders in Congress second thoughts about moving forward with FOCA in its entirety. However, their alternate plan is even more dangerous for unborn babies by being more difficult for us to counter.

FOCA would literally kick to the curb any protective legislation for the babies which has passed on federal, state and local levels. As a result, it’s being seen as too radical for too many Americans. So the President and pro-abortion leaders of Congress are looking at plans to pass FOCA, piece-by-piece, attached to other bills.

This could be devastating for babies because it would make it easier for their abortion agenda to get lost in a larger bill. It would have the same effect of gradually warming the pot of water with the frog inside. FOCA in its entirety would be too hot to handle and the frog would immediately jump out. But if the legislation was passed little by little, the temperature in the pot would gradually warm up until it was too late for the frog to realize his dilemma and he would die.

We must continue making noise about FOCA. If you haven’t yet done so, please sign the online petition ( Please also get as many people as you can to sign the petition. We can use these numbers to fight their new strategy coming down the legislative pipeline.

The task is to alert federal lawmakers, Americans and the media that FOCA is present every time that they propose legislation with parts of it embedded. This makes the entire bill unacceptable. Here are examples of what we can expect by pro-abortion leaders of Congress in their piecemeal efforts to pass FOCA:

* Use the momentum behind universal health care to include funding for abortion-on-demand.
* Bring back partial-birth abortion—once again killing babies during delivery.
* Take away any rights of parents to be involved before their minor daughter undergoes a surgical or chemical abortion.
* Deny women the right to be fully informed to the dangers of abortion before having one.
* Force health care providers and professionals to participate in the killing of innocent human life.
* Brutally kill babies who survive late-term abortion by reversing the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act.
* Put women’s health and lives at risk by blocking protective regulations of abortion mills—many that operate like dangerous back-alley abortion facilities.

These and other ghastly realities await unborn babies and their mothers if we’re not vigilant in our efforts to stop the incremental advancement of FOCA. We must continue making noise by letting our pro-life voices be heard. One of the easiest ways to do this is sign the online petition against FOCA ( This will help the Institute keep the pressure on.

Please alert everyone you can about this new and deadly agenda by the most pro-abortion President and Congress in history. Share this post with others! Bring everyone up to speed by using your email address books, circles of friends, coworkers and church members. Link to our FOCA petition using Facebook or other Internet websites. Send the link ( by blogging, text messages and Twitter—use whatever technology and avenue available to you. Now is the time to alert the troops! God help us!