Lea continues to make very good progress, health wise, and it appears that she is beginning to regain a lot of her memory. Just a week or so ago, however, she asked me how I got a scar that I have had since I was three years old. She has heard the story many times, so she doesn’t have total recall yet, but then, who does? I really don’t remember my memory ever being any better than it is today, but it might improve if I could just remember to take those pills! 🙂

We are certainly enjoying the warmer winter weather in Texas, and are happy we don’t have to deal with Indiana’s ice and snow with temperatures near or below freezing for three or four months in the winter. I built a little wooden bridge from the concrete slab patio just outside the back door to the large wooden deck just a few feet away, so Lea could do some pot gardening. She loves working in the soil, but can’t work in the ground any more.

The walkway between the patio and deck was formerly large stepping stones laying on the bare ground, and she was not able to cross over unassisted for fear of twisting her ankle or knee or hip. So, the deck seemed to make good sense, and seems to make her quite happy that she can get back to “turning over dirt.”
The deck also gives her a sense of independence because she can now go out on the deck whenever she wants to, without having to wait for me. I captured her on camera this afternoon, and asked her to tell about her garden. That video appears below.

She and I celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary yesterday, and enjoyed dinner together at a gourmet Italian restaurant near our home. It was our first visit there, and we were very pleased with the overall experience. We’ll go back again some time. We spent some time praying together last night, just praising God, and thanking Him for the shower of blessings He has been giving us during this time of healing for Lea.It is incredible how He continues to present new opportunities and friends, and provides for us, as my younger son would say, “Just in time.”

As we settle in, we have found a church that we are enjoying, and I have started some initial steps to get my consulting practice back up and running. I had to pretty much give it up entirely to care for Lea for the last couple of years, but now that she is getting better, I feel I can leave her alone for a few hours at a time, and would like to take on some advertising or marketing design, or maybe even some training design jobs. Again, I trust that He will open the doors according to His will. I just need to be ready to step through them.

We just thank Him every day for the blessings of that day, and pray for His guidance in serving His will.