This (edited) note comes from Anna’s Aunt Rene via email:

Anna is doing well and the medical team is working their way toward being able to do surgery.

She’s a pretty little thing and we can’t wait to hold her — she’s got “White-family toes” (long and skinny) that are just waiting to be fiddled with — too cute for words.

What a wonderful hospital with fabulous staff — they are truly exceptional and make everything as easy as they can.  The family is all holding up really well and taking everything in stride.

Below is an email link that goes to a web page we were able to create at Riley Children’s Hospital for posting up to date information on Anna’s progress:  The hospital web page makes it easy for Alyssa, Anna’s mom, to update everyone about what is going on.  There is also a place to add a personal message, perhaps some comforting words, to Anna and the family.

Share with whomever you think might be interested — we look forward to seeing your messages!