This heartbreaking email arrived Sunday evening from my dear sister in law, Kathy, requesting prayer for her granddaughter Kora, age 6.

“I’m writing to ask for everyones prayers. My grandaughter Kora (Corys daughter) hasn’t been feeling well the last 2 weeks. She has been going to the doctors alot and missing alot of school. Doctors kept thinking it was a virus. Well Monday her lymphoids in her throat started swelling, then tuesday lymphoids under her arm, and on wednesday in her pelvic area. They have done blood work of all kinds, MRI, CT scans and also a brain scan. They called us early Friday to bring her in for more test and contacted St. Louis childrens hospital as they think it might be cancer. We have to take her tomorrow Monday , Dec. 3. Please everyone pray for her that she will be okay. We need all the prayers.    Thanks Kathy”


This sweet little girl is a delightfully darling child. I, too, would like to ask that you join us in lifting Kora up to our blessed Savior for miraculous intervention. I pray, Dear God, Father, that it is your will to spare Kora, that she may continue to bring joy and laughter to this family. We know, Father, that Kora has a role to play in your great plan, and we pray that it is a role of overcoming adversity to go on as a witness for You and Your gracious outpouring of blessings.  Be with her family during this time of uncertainty; give them comfort in knowing that her precious soul is forever in Your care. Blessed be Your name, Father. Bless You for the gift of salvation through the cross. Thank You for Kora, and her victory over this sickness, if that be Your will. In the name of our precious Saviour, Jesus Christ, we now lift her up for Your blessings. Amen.