Lea and I have been quite busy in recent months as her stamina and overall health continue to improve, and she is able to return to being more herself. We praise God, and bless His name, for the wonderful miracles He has worked in our lives over the past few years in particular. The mere fact that He allowed her to survive those months in Hartford Hospital still overwhelm me with emotion. And, now, at this season, we are, for the first time, going to be able to open that box of ornaments we received while in Hartford.

I had hung those ornaments around her hospital room for Christmas 2005, and with the help of Austin, a maintenance worker originally from Jamacia, we hung those I thought she’d most enjoy from the trapeze and frame above her bed, and placed others on the window ledge, a bedside table, and hung them on the bulletin board, trying to make her room as festive as possible. And, as I recall all those wonderful caregivers who took such special care of us, I pray that God is working in their lives to help them be the blessing to others that they were to us.

Now, as December has rolled around two years later, we feel exceptionally blessed that she has recovered so well, and is able to enjoy family activites again. We are looking forward to a wonderful family Christmas again this year, and feel particularly blessed that we will have a new family member present; Benjamin Lucas, our grandson, born October 26th.  As you can see in the photo below, he is already “in the spirit!”