Lea and I were blessed with a good weekend, as she finally felt well enough to get out and enjoy several activities Saturday and Sunday. We enjoyed breakfast together Saturday morning, and as I cleaned up the kitchen she got ready to go out for the day. She told me she wanted to go to mom’s church’s car wash, have a light lunch, and then go to the church’s ice cream social. We started the morning by going to the Farmer’s Market. Here’s a video recap of our activities.

We went to physical therapy Monday morning, and by Monday evening her knee was pretty sore and a little swollen, but all in all, she is feeling good about all she is now able to do. She continues to cut back on her medicine, and we are hoping for a lot of improvement in stability of her knee iover the next few weeks.

Thanks to God for the wonderful continuous healing He has granted us! We praise Him for His mercy and grace, and continue to pray for His guidance in leading us to do His will.