Lea went to her first physical therapy session today, and was quite pleased with the progress she had made over the weekend. She used some exercises the therapist recommended last week, and made improvement in two vital areas; she is able to bend her knee an additional couple of degrees, and she is able to get her knee nearly straight.

The tests today indicate that she is able to bend the knee one hundred seven degrees (one hundred ten is the minimum goal), and she is only four degrees shy of being able to straighten her knee. Both of these measurements are without any kind of assistance other than her own muscle power.

Her knee still is not completely straight on the sides. It tilts in toward the left leg, which is caused by the weak tendons on the inside of her knee. Hopefully, as she goes through therapy that will straighten up and return to a normal position. Meanwhile, she is not to walk without her cane, and must wear good street shoes all the time . . . no house shoes or slippers. The good quality shoes are needed for the support they provide.

Our next therapy session will be next Friday, with home exercises to be done twice a day between sessions. We pray to the Lord several times every day giving Him praise for the wonderful healing we are experiencing.

Below is a short video of Lea at therapy today, as she walks into the exercise area, and it closes with a shot of her working that knee on an exercise machine.