Lea and I went to Riverview Hospital’s outpatient physical therapy center today for Lea’s initial evaluation, and got her scheduled for two sessions a week for the next four weeks. She will probably need an additional two to four weeks of therapy, which will be determined at the end of this first two weeks. The therapist had been very thoroughly briefed by Dr Cittadine, who told her that he wanted Lea treated with special attention, due to her many complicating factors, not the least of which is that her bones are very soft.

She was given a number of exercises to do regularly each day in order to further limber her new knee and keep it from attaching to the surrounding tissue. She will then go to see the therapist twice a week, starting Monday, so her progress can be closely monitored. I think she is happy to finally be in therapy where she can get some feedback on how she is doing and what she needs to do to get back to normal.

The good news for her was the comment that over the next couple of months she will be strengthening her muscle mass around the knee, and that is going to let her eventually get rid of the cane, and walk normally. That will be a tremendous blessing!

Below is a short video of Lea doing some grocery shopping just before going to the therapy session. She is dressed to go to physical therapy for evaluation, with white anti-embolism hose, a black knee brace on her right leg, and black workout shorts. Quite the dresser, huh?   🙂  Glory to God she’s here at all!