Today is going to be a better day. Lea was sitting up in her bedside chair, quite alert and smiling when I arrived. She said that she got some really good rest last night, and was feeling much better. She had already ordered her breakfast, and the table was in position over her lap, with the room telephone, drinking water and remains of the cookie and coffee I had left her last night arranged on the table so there was plenty of room for the food tray when it arrived.

I had brought her pajamas, gown, housecoat and other things she wanted from home, in anticipation of her wanting to get cleaned up some time today. We are hoping that she will be in good enough spirits to get off the PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesic) which is how she dispenses the morphine on demand. Push the button, and get a dose of pain killer. If she is a good girl she will also be able to get rid of the Foley today, and walk to the bathroom using her walker.

Later this morning she will be taken on a walk by the physical therapist. I expect that she will walk down the hall some distance, which will help her gain a little confidence that she can tolerate the pain in her leg. We’ll have to wait and see how that goes, because the sore muscles she is having to stretch are going to cause some pain. She’ll want more pain killer than she probably really should have, and that is likely to be a problem we’ll have to face when we go home and continue her exercises.

Shortly after I stowed her belongings in the closet her breakfast tray arrived, and she chowed down on a veggie omelet, bacon, muffin, fresh fruit and milk. By the way, she has pronounced the food here as being “excellent!’ and really likes the fact that she can just pick up the phone and order meals or snacks whenever she wants them. This hospital and staff have been very pleasant, and the Midwest “neighbor” ethic really comes through in everyday interactions.

Well, Lea is stirring, waking after a solid hour-long nap, so I’d better get ready to entertain her and help her get interested in doing something besides sleeping. Since she’s feeling better, she’ll want lots of attention. Thank God! Let the fun begin!