Lea is undergoing surgery as I write this update from the cafeteria of Riverview Hospital, Noblesville, Indiana. We arrived at the hospital a few minutes before six this morning and Lea was soon whisked away to a surgical center room to be prepped for her scheduled 7:30 surgery.

She came back into the waiting room briefly a few minutes later with the new living will we had prepared last night, looking for folks to witness the document for her. Then she was gone again to her room. She was changed into one of those flattering green hospital gowns, and her clothing was stored in a clear plastic bag tucked under her bed. She received an IV for the anesthesia she would receive during surgery.

My mother joined me in the waiting room while Lea was being prepped, and we were allowed to visit Lea shortly after seven o’clock. She had a surgical stocking on her left leg, and hospital footies on both feet to keep them warm. There was a inflatable pressure cuff on her left calf that will hooked up to a pump after surgery to keep the blood moving in her leg as a precaution against blood clots.

Associate Pastor Larry O’Brien of Harbour Shores Church came to visit with us prior to surgery, and we shared some very pleasant time together and prayed for God’s loving hand in her treatment and recovery. The anesthesiologist slipped into the room at about seven thirty and discussed with us his proposed treatment for pain avoidance, and shortly after he left, Dr Cittadine came in to discuss the surgery.

Lea asked Dr Cittadine how many knee replacements he has done, and he said, “hundreds,” but that he hadn’t really kept count. She felt better after hearing of his extensive experience, and her anxiety level visibly dropped. You can’t help being anxious about surgery, even with all the experience Lea has had, and every bit of assurance is very comforting.

Her surgery is scheduled for 3-4 hours duration, and then she’ll be in recovery for about an hour. During recovery she’ll get a stocking and pressure cuff on the right leg, as well as bandages and the cooling apparatus to reduce swelling. I’ll be sure to get a photo, as I expect it to be quite impressive. She was taken to the operating theater at 7:51 AM, so we expect to see her again at about noon.

The hospital has a new surgical wing on the east side of the hospital, with views toward downtown Noblesville. The clock tower of the recently renovated Hamilton County Courthouse rises well above the thick rows of trees that line White River as it courses through downtown. Just outside the windows of the cafeteria, the hustle bustle of traffic entering and leaving the hospital’s parking area whizzes by. It has been very interesting to watch the hospital grow over the years, and now has become a five-star heart and vascular center.

The receptionist at the Surgery Center gave me a pager that allows me to move about the hospital freely. They will page me when Lea comes out of the operating room. It is also teriffic that the hospital provides internet access, which allows me to send and receive email and instant messages, and post updates to the blog. I plan to add at least one more post today, after Lea recovers and I have some news to pass on. Meanwhile, we are keeping the Instant Messages going to our Father, and are asking for the grace to accept His will, whatever that might be.

We have every reason to feel that Lea will do very well, and that her recovery will be challenging while rewarding. We are looking forward to expanding our ministry of God’s mighty works in her miraculous healing in, and since, Hartford, and feel that this knee replacement is going to make it possible for her to make great strides in achieving her role in His service.

Glory to God for His mighty works in our lives! Praise to Him for lifting us up time after time to tell the story of His glorious work through Lea’s illness. Thank you, Father, for our many blessings! Please keep Your hand in Lea’s surgical procedure today. Amen.