Our friend Joe remains in the hospital today, awaiting a procedure tomorrow to determine the cause of some anomalies found in his heart rhythm. Pat said that his heart will be stopped and restarted as a part of the procedure, and that the doctors hope to be able to resolve the problems that caused his heart failure while driving Thursday night. Pat has promised to keep us informed on his progress, and we are lifting him up to the Lord for healing and comfort. We will be in prayer tomorrow as he goes to surgery to have the procedure performed.

Things seem to be okay here. There is no apparent damage to Lea’s tummy from the jolt of jumping the median’s curb at 55 MPH, and her straining aganst the seatbelt to reach the steering wheel. She has a small seatbelt bruise below her shoulder, but it doesn’t appear to be very deep. Again, that could have easily been a disaster if not for divine intervention. Praise God for His blessings! I am still shaking my head in amazement as I recall images of that  oncoming traffic!

Lea slept from 10:30 PM the night of our arrival to 3:30 PM Friday, and we went to bed early, still adjusting to the six hour time difference between here and Hawai’i. Some of our friends held a surprise Welcome Home party for her Saturday, so she didn’t get an afternoon nap. She had a wonderful time, wore herself out, and went to bed at 8:00 PM.

Sunday we got up to prepare to go to church, but she got an upset stomach after having breakfast, and returned to bed for a while. It may take her a week to make the adjustment, but that’s okay . . . at least she survived ANOTHER crisis situation! She’s my hero!

She continually amazes me! Can you believe she had the presence of mind to save us when that truck was headed for the oncoming traffic? I couldn’t get out of my seatbelt fast enough to do it myself, and Pat has one arm in a sling from a recent shoulder surgery.  Lea saved us!

I am in awe of how God is working in our lives, though I don’t pretend to understand, at all, how all this is working His plan! Lea is the heart of this ministry, and I am gifted to communicate her experiences to those who need to know that He is still working miracles in this modern day time.

We go to our family doctor tomorrow, and will be getting a comprehensive set of blood tests done. I will be much more comfortable after we get the results of her tests, and make whatever adjustments are required in her diet and/or medication.  Meanwhile, we continue to move ahead, witnessing where we can, and trying to get a better handle on understanding and accepting the opportunities God puts before us.

By the way, we are organizing the Hartford Letters (the daily email updates sent out from Hartford during Lea’s hospitalization there) into an easy to read format, and are attaching to each day’s update the emails received from readers around the world. The link is at the top of the page and is called Hartford Letters Timeline. This is a work in progress, so you won’t find it complete yet, but we continue to add to the archives on a regular basis. So, bear with us, and please feel free to add any comments you care to. For information on how to comment, click here.

Thank you, Hawai’i Vaughns! We miss you already! Thank you, too, for being such an important cog in the wheel of Living Stones Church‘s mighty ministry! You are heaven sent! We love that church family, and know the church is going to do mighty things for Kona. Glory to God!

Welcome Home Welcome Home
Welcome Home Welcome Home