This is a prayer request for Jane. I don’t know Jane, except that she was one of Lea’s pray-ers during Lea’s horrible illness. Jane needs our prayer support now, and I want to be a part of her prayer chain, and invite you to join us as well. Here is the situation as I know it as of this moment. This information comes from Carol, one of my Missouri cousins who was very supportive to me during Lea’s illness.

Carol writes:

A little background first. My friend Vicki’s sister Jane was on dialysis for several years until Vicki gave her a kidney four years ago. These are very good people although they are not church goers…I know Vicki believes in God and does read the Bible…her husband is Greek Orthodox. There has been a nasty virus going around and Jane came down with it last Thursday and by Saturday was in the hospital. It is begining to look similar to Lea’s story. I will send you the updates and ask for your prayers. Vicki is one of the people I forwarded to and I do believe she prayed for Lea without knowing…she still asks how she is doing. Carol

Jane remains in ICU. She is off the Ventilator, which is good news, but there are still issues with her blood gases, so she is receiving ‘forced oxygen’ via a bi-pack.Her bleeding appears to have stopped, her platelets are back up. No apparent bleeding at this time. She at last count had received over 50 units of blood & blood products.

She was able to speak to me a little today. She was angry at her husband because he didn’t go into work (normal) but was confused about time & place. She was sure she had just had her surgery & wanted to know why I was in the operating room. I told her she had surgery yesterday, but had been very sick & she said ‘I had DSI’. She got that right. She got angry & threw stuff at her nurse so they had to tie her hands. She begged me to untie her, when I refused, she begged Nick.

The worst news of all is still no kidney function. Her Renal Dr is still hopeful, so I am trying to be positive, too. I went & got her 4 younger Chin this evening. Miss Kitty is with Mom, Frankie is with Denise, Kelsey & Bree are with me. I will make sure they are all back home before she gets there. I left the 2 older ones, both are on meds & not too healthy. So, I guess she has made a little headway today. Keep the good thoughts & big prayers coming. Vicki

This may have been the first message, but I got it second…

Today my sister Jane went to surgery (she’s been in the hospital since Saturday AM) to have her gallbladder removed.
Of course, Jane being Jane, things went horribly wrong. She had a severe drop in her blood pressure instantly after surgery and was hemorrhaging internally. She was re-opened (twice) for removal of clots. She has (as of my last check 20 minutes ago) received over 27 pints of blood & blood products. She is on a ventilator and in a medically induced coma. She is suffering from DSI, which is causing her clotting mechanism not to function. She is in isolation (do to severe risk of infection) in the ICU at ST Mary’s Medical Center in Hobart, IN.

As if the news can get any worse, it seems her kidney is not functioning very well. They plan on dialyzing her in the morning if she is stable enough. Her renal Dr. seems to think that normal functions will return, once the bleeding gets under control. It was a very frightening day. At 4PM her Dr. asked me to gather her family & they gave us a chance to see her. She seemed to be improving when I came home at 10 PM, so that offers me a little comfort.

I know that most of you know Jane, or at least know of her. In saying that, I also know that you know how tough she is. If any one can pull through this, she can. I’m just asking for your positive thoughts, your prayers, your good wishes. She not only has my kidney, she has my heart. Please add a little extra good thoughts for me. Vicki

Perhaps there is a lesson in this for us too?

Jane is still in ICU, no kidney function yet. The Dr told me a 50/50 chance of it returning. He than gave me a lecture on the power of positive thinking & the power of prayer, so I am asking that of all of you.

She is a little less confused today. She is aware that she has to start dyalisis in the morning & seems upset, which is understandable. Her blood count is low again, so she received more blood today. She is having a hard time breathing, her lungs are wet from the fluid retention. The dyalisis will help with that. We have a long road ahead, but everyday there is improvement. I hope my next note holds even better news. Vicki

My prayer for Jane: Father, I come before you, as your child, to kneel at the foot of your throne, worshipping you and blessing you for the love and kindness you shower upon your loved ones. Lord, God, your name is mercy. Your name is healing. Your name is love. I ask you, Father, to bless our sister, Jane, who lies stricken with terrible sickness. Father, we pray that you would lift from Jane those illnesses that are attacking her body and ravaging her internal organs. Father, we pray that you would repair those vessels, arteries and veins that restrict the healing process, and allow the repair of her organs, that she might be healed, and return as a witness for your power and greatness.

You have told us, Father, that if we believe, we will receive whatever we ask for in prayer. We believe that Jane will be healed according to your will. Thank you, Father, for the privilege of lifting her up for your healing. Thank you for your love and mercy. Thank you, Lord God, for miraculous healing. I pray by authority given by the blood shed by my personal savior, your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen, and Amen.