I’ve had a couple of inquiries about how to post a comment in response to an article on this website, and thought I’d try my hand at helping you understand how to accomplish commenting. WordPress doesn’t make it very obvious, so I may have to archive this post so others can find this information in the future.

Let’s take a look at how the site is laid out. I’ve taken a screen shot of this site when the March 6, 2006 post is being displayed on the page:

In the illustration above you can see the title of the article, in this case it is “Moved Again.” Below the title is a line, and below it is a bunch of writing. If you look clear to the right in this line of text, is the text, “No Comments.” In this screenshot I added the red arrow to help you find, “No Comments.” That means that no one has yet posted a response (comment) to that post. It ALSO means this is where you click to MAKE a comment. Notice the little text box below and to the right of the arrow? It appears when you place your cursor on the “No Comments” line, and reads, “Comment on . . . . . (the title of the post). When you click on No Comments, it opens a dialogue box where you can type in your response. By the way, the red arrow and the white box do not appear on the live site, I have added them here for clarity.

Commenting is a real simple process once you understand how to do it; I’m just sorry the designers of this service didn’t make it more intuitive for you.

But, now that you know how to post information, please leave us any thoughts you may have relating to any of the comments on this site. You can open any archive and comment on any of the articles. If you are going to read the updates as they were published during Lea’s prolonged illness (she clinically died four times during her 180 days in the hospital), you will want to start with the first updates displatched from Hartford in July 2005. Read the updates chronologically, starting with Day 1, and going through her discharge from the hospital, and then updates posted during her recovery since then.

Please feel free to post your reactions to the updates, her experiences, and your own stories, too. This site is dedicated to the sharing of testimony, so others can be reached with the stories of God’s goodness and greatness, working of modern day miracles, and the disciplining His children.