Life choices are full of consequences, good and bad. The choice to believe in the healing power of prayer is one that affects not only your life as a Christian, but may affect the lives of folks you will only know in the afterlife when our works are revealed in the new Heaven.

I believe, as surely as I’m writing this, in the healing power of prayer. I believe that God heals naturally, and I also believe that God heals supernaturally; I believe that God heals instantaneously, and sometimes God heals in His own time; I believe that God heals through medicine, but I also believe He heals through miracles. I thank God for our doctors and caregivers, and rejoice that I have seen Him heal beyond the doctors’ art. I believe in these things because I saw them during my wife’s life threatening illness.

I know some very fine folks in the medical field, and it thrills my heart to know that while these are people of science, many are also our spiritual brothers and sisters in prayer. Glory to God!  They pray for God to do what they themselves cannot do. I can scarcely think of anything that was more gratifying to me than when Dr John Mah, Lea’s surgeon in Hartford, started displaying a gold cross worn over his scrubs. When he leaned over Lea to work on her that cross dangled from his neck over her body. The glimmer of light that caught my eye as the doctor tended her, kept reminding me, “I am here!” And, it gave me peace. Praise God!
John Mah, M.D.

Prayer is a powerful force. Pastor Andrew Murray, a highly respected Christian teacher, made a very bold observation many years ago:  “In relation to his people, God works only in answer to their prayer.” Now, that’s a big statement: (God works ONLY in answer to prayer of His people.) And then he said, “In prayer we change our natural strength for the supernatural strength of God.” We change our natural strength for the supernatural strength of God.

We saw supernatural healing performed time and time again while Lea was in Hartford. We experienced the supernatural power of the body of Christ, spread all over the globe joining in prayer for her comfort and healing. If you followed the daily email updates back then, you know that on more than one occasion while Lea was in a coma, her surgeons said they just couldn’t explain the amount of healing she had experienced! It was about the second time that statement was made by the surgeons that I noticed Dr Mah wearing his cross.

I thank God for bringing me back into the fold of the church through His discipline, and for restoring Lea to a healthful state. I rejoice, and give thanks, for every day she and I share together, because I know that each and every day is a very special gift from my loving Father.

We welcome the opportunity to share our testimony with believers and non-believers alike, because we have a very powerful story to tell about the mystery of His healing power and how His hand worked so mightily in healing lives throughout the world. We have rededicated our lives to His service, and give Him the glory for the ministry He has placed before us. If you did not experience the drama of the Lea Updates as they were distributed originally, you can do so by following the archive links in the left hand column. We pray that this site will be a blessing to you, and that you will feel free to share your own thoughts and comments.