I have been remiss in my promise to send photos every once in a while, but things have been a little hectic here, and I am just now getting around to downloading, sorting, downsizing and archiving the photos we have accumulated. I am posting the first few photos with today, and will try to get some other shots posted from time to time to keep you up to date.

Lea is in quite a bit of pain . . . can’t sit comfortably because of her hip joint, and can’t stand comfortably because of her knee (both on the same leg). She is getting better, though, and has been able to venture out to church. We did a little garage hopping yesterday (very little), and went out to lunch together. It was a big day, and she had to spend almost the rest of the day in bed to recover from all the activity.

We went to see her orthopedic surgeon Thursday, and he told her to stop the physical rehab we had just started until after we come back to see him on January 8. He is concerned that she will overdo, and cause the femur to shorten while trying to bond to the ball, and that could cause her to have one leg shorter than the other. He will make a decision in January about when she can resume her 4-week therapy. The upshot is that we are going to be remaining here in Hawaii until she is able to travel with little discomfort . . . probably 4-8 weeks longer than we had planned, he thought.

Although that doesn’t seem too bad, being stuck in Hawaii, our big concern is being able to get her stomach closed up soon enough for the healing to take place in time to have her knee replaced before the COBRA insurance expires at the end of next year. After that time, we may have a very difficult time finding an insurance carrier to accept her pre-existing conditions. So, it’s a race against time, and the Lord will tend to it according to His plan. We just have to remain faithful that it will all work out. He has always taken care of us before, and He will in the future.

Our best wishes for a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

The photos below are of the view from Link’s lanai looking toward Kailua Bay (downtown Kona), Lea’s first time in the pool (significant because her abdominal wound has kept her from getting into ANY water since July of last year), and Lea having lunch at the Kee’i Cafe overlooking shoreline just north of Kealakekua Bay.

view-from-links-lanai-240.jpg lea-first-time-in-pool.jpg keei-cafe-lunch-240.jpg