We have arrived in Hawai’i fatigued, but not really much worse for the wear. I kept Lea pretty well fed on the trip, which is a high priority for her . . . not only for the nourishment, but also for the protein she needs for healing. We arrived with most of our baggage on the same flight, while some of it was delivered later the evening we arrived.
We have been experiencing hot (to us) weather . . . very humid, with temps in the mid-upper 80s, with little cool-of during some nights, since the trade winds have abated for a few days. We are slowly getting used to the heat, but are surprised at how little a fan can cool you even when you sit right in the draft! We have discovered how nice it is to have a cooler with ice at hand, and how refreshing ice water is!  🙂

We attended church today on the ocean front at Kailua-Kona, and met many folks who had been part of our prayer tree here in Hawaii. Some of them, of course, we had met during previous visits, but it seems following our trials in Hartford through the emails I dispatched brought many of them closer to each other as a church body and enriched their fellowship. They greeted us warmly, and we look forward to spending many social events with them. We already attended one home bible study group last week, and will be attending another this coming Tuesday evening.
Today after church we went to a Hawaiian luau at the invitation of a native Hawaiian member of the church. The luau was a family event celebrating the October and November birthdays of several of their family members. The family was simply delightful, and gave us a warm welcome, and made us feel very comfortable. We have to admit to eating much more than we should have.  🙂  It was a very welcome event for us, and let us get a peek into the workings of a traditonal Hawaiin family get-together. Need I say that the food was wonderful. I don’t know what some of the items were, and I don’t think I’ll ask, but it was delicious!  We were invited to come back, so I hope we have occasion to visit with them again.
We still haven’t received some of the packages I shipped over here prior to our flight. I shipped Lea’s medical supplies so they would arrive well before we did, and they STILL have not arrived! I have had to scrounge some make-do supplies from local pharmacies to get us through the weekend, because I used up the “backup” supplies I carried in my baggage “just in case.” Unfortuantely, the supplies we need are not pharmacy items, and the Home Medical Supply companies were closed all weekend. We will be contacting them tomorrow to see if they can provide us with any supplies, but I suspect they will have to order them from the mainland. Meanwhile, Lea is having to abstain from getting in the swimming pool until we have medical supplies in hand. But, she’s a real trooper, and is just going with the flow. She is really happy to be here with our granddaughters, and this trip is the answer to many, many prayers.
Thank you again for all you do. We are keeping your families in our prayers, too, and trust that you will have a wonderful holiday season. I post some photos when the boxes arrive that have my USB camera cord in it. I can’t download pix until it arrives! Funny how things happen, isn’t it?   🙂