Doreen, Thank you for your inquiry. It was very nice to hear from you. Lea continues to make those baby steps toward recovery. She is still very feeble, but is now walking off and forgetting her quad cane here inside the house. She still can’t stand entirely erect without really thinking about it, but continues to improve. She has lost weight since we left the hospital, about six pounds, but the doctor feels that her body is using the protein to heal her rather than using it for building muscle, and that it will turn around when it is time.  We are in our new, much smaller, home, and have been spending the last week going through belongings and discarding anything we can so we will be able to fit in this smaller house. Lea’s sister and her prettiest niece (according to the niece) are here helping Lea do the sorting, and it looks like they will be taking back thirty or forty boxes of clothing and household items we no longer need now that the B&B is closed.  I continue teaching my classes, taking her to rehab, to the doctor, and to the hospital for lab tests, and still changing her dressing three times a day. And, I pray a short prayer of thanksgiving every morning when I wake up and see her there beside me, and many times each day when I see her returning to her old self. She looks old beyond her years, but as she begins to feel better she will be getting that heart warming smile working again, and will be winning friends here in our new neighborhood. We think she will be on long term disability for a year or more, and will continue the physical training for the foreseeable future.  Thank you, again, for dropping us a line, and please let everyone know how thankful we are for the compassion with which they blessed us during our short stay at Mid-State. We were truly blessed to have been led to you, and then to

Hospital. God bless.