My thanks to Dana, who was a Godsend BEFORE we left on vacation! She helped me get the Atlanta house and yard ready to be put on the market, at a time I couldn’t do much physically because of my heart stent implant surgery, and couldn’t afford to hire things done! She has always been there when we needed help, and is going to help us with our move into a smaller house close to the hospital and doctor.

We are going to be moving on Saturday, February 11. We will have possession of the new house Friday night, if the closing goes as scheduled, and will have inflatable queen size beds that can be put up at the new house or at the Walton House on Friday night and Saturday night. We don’t know where bed clothes are, so bring a sleeping bag! 
Lea is not physically able to do very much, so we can’t expect her to do anything more than give directions. She and I went to the new house today, and have a preliminary list of the furniture pieces we want. We need to see what side tables, etc are left at the Walton House, so we can tag those items we want moved. We’ll get that done some time this week.
Lea will not be cooking for us, so we will have to work out our own meal plans, etc. There is still an awful lot of excess stuff in the Walton House that needs to be cleaned out and discarded; some that needs to be moved to the new house, too. One of our tasks will be to eventually get it organized and straightened so we can have it professionally cleaned for showing, so if we can move remaining stuff to storage, the new house, or discard it, that would be great. We can, of course, do that at a later date if that works better. 
If you are able to make it, your help would certainly be welcome. The more help we have, the quicker it will be for everyone. We are not going to clean out the storage bins and put everything in the new house . . .  the new house is much too small. We may empty one of the storage bins, but the big one will probably remain pretty full. I’m sure there will be lots of sorting to do to dig out the things we want to furnish the new house.

 We will count on Lance and Gary to help find things in storage. Gary, by the way, was badly bitten by a Husky last week while on duty, and his left hand is pretty much out of commission . . .  so is the dog. Neither will be any help for lifting things.  Let us know what questions you have, and how we can help make things easier.