Day 191

Hello, dear friends,

I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that all is well here in Indiana. We have received the last box of belongings shipped from Connecticut, including the Christmas cards we received while in Hartford. Lea and I have moved into an assisted living apartment for a few weeks until closing can be accomplished on a small three bedroom house nicely situated close to our family doctor and the hospital. This community is very nice, and conveniently situated for our needs.

We have been going to the doctor regularly, and Lea’s lab reports continue to come back a little better each time, indicating that she is progressing toward recovery. She spent her first full day out of bed this past Thursday, and her strength is improving slowly, allowing her to do more things without having to have a nap. Her fistula continues to drain through the abdomen, and we are changing the dressing on it regularly. The skin graft continues to be excellent.

She starts occupational therapy tomorrow (Monday), and is scheduled for a six- week course of therapy, three hours each week. We are optimistic that she will continue to make good progress, and look forward to the day when she can return to work to be with those who mean so much to her. Meanwhile, I will be reestablishing my consulting practice in our new location.

Our temporary mailing address is 7215 Riverwalk Way South, Noblesville, Indiana, 46062. Sometime after closing, which we hope will be in mid-February, our permanent address will be 18849 Auburn Lane, Noblesville, Indiana 46062. You can continue to reach me at this email address, and you can contact Lea at

Since this will be my last note to everyone on our distribution lists, please let me express my sincerest Christian love for you, and my heartfelt appreciation for your prayers lifting Lea up for miraculous healing as we walked with God through the most difficult challenge of our lives. Your expressions of support lifted me, giving me the strength to endure and help Lea when she had no power to help herself.

We will never forget the kindnesses of the medical team at Hartford Hospital, the compassion of the nurses and nursing assistants, and the outstanding kindnesses of those special few who will always command a special place in our memories and hearts. Thank you!

Invite God to live in your heart, and He will be there every time you need Him. He has a plan for your life. It may hurt like the dickens when it comes time to play your role, and it may take a long time to understand why things had to happen, but trust in Him. He will never let you down.

In His service,

Lea and Larry