Lea remembered today that I had previously shown her the robe given to her by a friend last weekend. I had been showing it to her each morning, as though it was a new gift, to test how good her short-term memory was. Today, for the first time, she remembered that she had seen it, and from whom it had come. 🙂

One of the things that was really funny about the robe was that it was wrapped in a crème colored gift paper with pastel butterflies of all colors. The first time Lea saw the paper it was obvious that she liked it a whole lot, so I kept it, and made it a part of showing her the robe each day. Yesterday, I took a large piece of that paper and framed it, and now display the “picture” where she can see it.

Each morning I have been pulling a bedside table over her bed, and one at a time show her each of the gifts she has received, and I remind her of who sent each of them. It has been fun seeing her reactions to each of the gifts each day, but it is immeasurably more satisfying to realize that our Father has chosen to return her to us with all of her mental capacity. Glory to God!

His power is undeniable, and His goodness is manifest in the many miracles He has been working through Lea. I continue to pray for her miraculous healing as we enter many weeks of recovery and rehabilitation, and give Him my thanks for His mercy and blessings as He has brought Lea through her many trials.

Your support and prayers have richly blessed us during each of our daily struggles here, and I trust you have been blessed to some degree by what we have experienced. We have rejoiced as we received each email message that talked of someone getting closer to their family and other loved ones, and walking closer to God, as they followed Lea’s hour-by-hour battle for survival.

Lea is not out of the woods yet, but we definitely can see daylight ahead! It is the glow of God’s promise to love and protect His children, and the prayers you have provided for her have helped bring us to this point. Thank you! Lea is now going through a period of depression. She doesn’t want to exercise. She doesn’t want to smile. She doesn’t want anything good to enter her life right now. And, I have to say, I really can’t blame her.

She wanted to see her wound today during the dressing change. Not because she wanted to see what it was like, to confirm her suspicions that everybody should REALLY feel sorry for her, because it is HUGE, AND UGLY! So, we allowed her to see it for the first time, and she slipped into a deep, quiet period. I can understand her feeling of deep remorse. Her body is permanently disfigured, and we can never go back to where we were. She will come around in her own time. She just has to adjust.

But, it’s okay. In the end I am going to take her home with me, and I am going to love her as much as I possibly can, because we have been given some more time to be together. I’m going to make it as special as I can, and, I have a little secret that is going to help us through her psychological adjustment to that scar. It’s that discovery I made while she was asleep for so many weeks, and we were unsure whether medically “she” was still in that body.

The little revelation so many never experience: It isn’t the body I’m in love with; It’s the spirit that lives in that body that won my heart and has held it captive for so many years; the spirit that turns that smile on to brighten the day of all who see it; the spirit that has touched so many lives during her years prior to this illness, and has inspired these nightly letters of devotion that have reached the souls of so many folks around the globe. Praise God!

Some timely insight from a loved one in Christ: “I just wanted to take a moment and tell you . . . I too have had my tummy opened 2 times and those scars will heal. Not that you will never be the same, but you can cover it up and be thankful you are able to see it every day. God Bless all of you, I will continue to keep you in my prayers.”