What a blessing a frown can be! Lea was quite alert today, and we “talked” a lot about her comfort, her needs, and her frustration at not being able to communicate well by mouthing words. However, after a while, she became quite acquiescent that she couldn’t always communicate, and rather than get upset, she would just roll her eyes up to the corners, or just frown real big and drop her head back on the pillow in utter frustration.

Bless her heart, she is just beginning to realize that she has gone through something, but doesn’t yet know the extent or length of time involved. The nurse practitioner recommended that we not yet talk about length of the illness in terms of weeks or months, but, rather, talk about “days and days.” She is just now getting used to the idea that she has tubes in, and a “huge” bandage on her stomach. We don’t need her getting needlessly upset right now.

She doesn’t thus far have full use of her hands, although she is getting much better and stronger, and is nearly over the shakes. She was able to wrap her fingers around items and pick them up today, and was able to grip a pillow and pull it up on her stomach. All of these are baby steps, but indicate that she is coming back in great fashion. It’s that strong will at work!

She also worked three 3-hour sessions on the ventilator today. She knows that our objective is to get the lungs stronger so she can get off the vent, so she is now making a conscious effort to achieve that goal. She really is a hard worker, and goes right after the objective. She also got a good overview briefing from the nurse practitioner today, explaining where she is, what her condition is, and what our current goals are as established by the medical team.

Lea stated that she was hungry today, and when I asked her what she wanted, she thought for quite a while, and said, “Crackers.” Ellen, the mid-level, or nurse practitioner, stated that Lea might actually get to try a little solid food in a couple of days! Praise God! I just can’t give enough glory to God. She is progressing so very well, I can allow myself to be very, very optimistic. I know we are still in the critical care unit, but I just can’t help feeling we are very close to recovery.

Our time together here has touched so many lives throughout the hospital, the nurses are calling Lea “The Miracle Girl.” I believe it is more than only for the miracles worked in her miraculous healing, but also miracles worked in the lives of others who have been brought closer to their families and to God, as is the case below.

“Dear Lea and Larry,

How blessed you both are!

What a way to come back to work on Monday, to hear such great news about

Your e-mails have helped me make a conscious effort to love my family
unconditionally because life can take a turn from one day to the next. I
lost my father in May and I know the emotional roller coaster involved w/
watching a loved one suffer. . . I empathize with your situation but am so
glad that God gave this burden to someone that can handle it . . . I guess He
does know what he’s doing after all, doesn’t He?

I will continue to keep the both of you in my prayers and surely God will
bring Lea her strength to make it thru the next phase.”

I didn’t see this illness as a burden, but rather an opportunity to give back to Lea all that she has given me over the years. There is nothing more important in my life than serving my God and loving my spouse to the best of my ability. Ever say that you would give your life for hers? I did. I owed it to her. She would never consider doing any less for me.

Thank you, Father, for the love of this wonderful woman! Thank you for returning her from the brink of death and permitting me to have more time with her. Bless us that we might continue to serve you according to your will. Bless those who have followed her illness through these many weeks with the lessons you would have them learn. Keep me from pride, and protect me from weakness. In Jesus’ name. Amen!