Dear Ones,

I’ve got to say, that Lea is really working hard to make a comeback! You would be very proud to see her working to regain control of her lungs, working hard enough to break a sweat. Each time the ventilator support is turned back a little, we are a little concerned, comforting her, making sure she knows we are there supporting her. And, then, we are somewhat surprised to she that she takes control and begins working a little harder to handle the new workload.

It has to be very tiring for her, and I’m sure she is pretty much aware of what is going on around her, but I think she is just too busy handling the rebuilding of her lungs to do any visiting. Each time the nurses shift her position in the bed, turning her from side to side, Lea gives an awful grimace, as though in pain, but doesn’t skip a beat on her breathing.

Occasionally she will get a little stressed, particularly when the respiratory therapist suctions mucous out of Lea’s lungs, her blood pressure shoots up, and she begins breathing fast, and it takes a few minutes for her to calm down. She recovers most quickly when Link places his hand on her arm, and tells her to take slow, deep breaths. She usually does it right away, as though she just forgot temporarily.

I am continually amazed by her inner strength. I have lived with this beautiful creature for 41 years, and dated her for two years before that, and still didn’t have a real understanding of what she is made of! We have gone through a lot together in our years as a team, but what she has been able to achieve in the past few weeks has been far and above anything I thought possible.

When she fell so desperately ill, I thought I was losing her. We talked together as she got sicker and sicker, we cried together at the thought of not being together any more. We had promised to love each other forever, and to look for each other on the other side. Then, as she fell into unconsciousness, I opened a constant dialogue with God. No more one-way communications, I sought a complete two-way discussion by opening my heart and mind to His guidance.

All through this terrible ordeal, I have had that channel open, asking for His help and direction. These daily notes have been a wonderful way for me to pass along some of the feelings that have coursed through my heart and mind during these days and nights. I have been able to give encouragement to Lea well beyond my own capabilities, because He has led me to you, through these notes.

It is through your love and compassion that we have made it to this point, with God’s help, of course. Your support has given us strength to continue day after day, and His miracles have made it possible to experience healing upon healing. And, we have come to experience so much compassion and love well beyond our own extended family that we are continually amazed.

We are having some good days right now. Lea is growing stronger and stronger. We still have a long road ahead of us. We will need a lot of support in the months ahead from friends and family, but we know that God is leading this challenge, and we are on His team. We will win.

God bless, and warmest regards,