Wonderful news today! Lea has recovered well enough from the pneumonia to be moved from her kinetic roller bed back into a regular hospital bed. Her breathing returned to previous levels of support very quickly after the move . . . 17 breaths per minute, 40% oxygen at 10 PEEPS, and her oxygen absorption rate actually increased a little today, up to 97%.

Dr. Mah was very encouraged by her quick response to corrective medications and therapy, and decided to change her over to a different means of feeding her. Instead of continuing to feed her via an IV line, another tube was inserted into her nose, down her esophagus past the stomach and pancreas into the small intestine. She will now receive her food through a continuous drip into this tube, which will get rid of another pathway for infection to be introduced.

She continues to get rid of excess fluid at a steady, heavy rate, has no temperature, and needs only occasional blood pressure medications, indicating that she is doing a lot of things right at the moment. We still have a lot of things to accomplish, and one is to determine whether she has enough pancreas left to produce adequate levels of insulin. She may be diabetic when she comes off support, and may require on-going support for blood sugar control.

Many of these things we won’t know until she completes running a few more hurdles, regaining full use of all her bodily systems, and enters rehabilitation. We hope that she can accomplish these objectives within the next several weeks, so we can transport her home for rehabilitation nearer to her friends and family.

While we are enjoying a respite from the terribly difficult days just behind us, we want to pause a moment to recall where we were just a week ago tonight . . . seven days after she suffered two heart stoppages and a lung failure, one day after another! It is just amazing how quickly you can bottom out, but also how quickly the power of prayer can restore us to a position of awesome improvement and miraculous healing.

I continue to be humbled by God’s mercy and marvel at the wonders he works as I see Lea returning from her deep sleep, opening her eyes sleepily as I read your messages to her. She can’t focus or move her eyes yet, but it is as though she is opening her eyes to concentrate on what I am saying.

Several folks have asked for info on whether a gift they sent ever arrived, since I haven’t mentioned them (or sent thank you notes). I have received several gifts for her, and display them on the window ledges in her room. Although she can’t see them yet, the medical staff sure has enjoyed them! I took some snapshots of the groupings I have made of the gifts and had Lance post them on Lea’s prayer page on his website. Take a quick look to see the gifts she will enjoy seeing when she wakes up. By the way, the little inspirational books you have sent I read to her over and over, and I know that she will enjoy reading them for herself when she is able.

Thank you again for your wonderful support and prayers. I have been truly amazed by our experience here, and have been honored that you have taken an interest and provided Lea with the loving thoughts and support we have received. I could never have imagined that a couple stranded so far from home could have been so uplifted by friends, family, and wonderfully compassionate folks we haven’t yet met. I hope we can all meet for hugs in the near future.

In His love,