Hello, everyone,

Lea remains in stable condition this evening, as she enters the last few hours of administration of the “wonder drug” Xigris, a man-made form of a natural enzyme called Activated Protein C. It is used to treat severe/life-threatening infections in the blood (severe sepsis associated with acute organ failure). This medicine is what the medical staff calls “the big gun.” It can be taken only for four days, and Lea’s four days ends at three o’clock tomorrow afternoon.

What we are hoping for at this point is an improvement in Lea’s chances of recovering her health and quality of life. Last Thursday, Dr. Kirton put her chances of survival of lung failure at 30%, but he said that people DO recover from this condition. He wanted to try Xigris to see if it might be able to turn her around and improve her chances. He stated that the drug has been successful in some people, and might be what we need to help Lea.

Today, during our third day of treatment with the drug, Lea’s four-week long low-grade fever finally broke, and her temperature dropped to slightly below normal. The medication may have located and destroyed the elusive infection that caused her temperatures. For the first time in five weeks, she doesn’t have a cooling fan blowing directly on her to help keep her temperature down.

That is an improvement. Also, her lungs are showing very small indications that some healing is going on. The oxygen levels have been able to be reduced to 45% and her blood oxygen is staying good. The chest X-ray taken today shows some general pneumonia throughout the lungs, and a procedure planned for tomorrow to suction the lungs should clear much of the fluid loosened by the antibiotics.

Her blood pressure continues to be very good. The medication that she had been receiving for blood pressure support periodically for the past four weeks is no longer on stand by. Her skin, one of the earliest indicators of general health problems continues to be excellent. It is shiny and supple, though puffy from the fluid being retained in her system to fight her ailments.

Dr. Kirton plans to inspect her abdominal wound Monday to make sure that she continues to make progress in recovering from her surgeries. He may also decide to close her wound if it is healing as well as it had in the past and other problems remain stable. He has also committed to advising us tomorrow evening what her medical condition is, and what his recommendations are going forward.

He has agreed to advise us if conditions change unfavorably for a complete physical and mental recovery. At this point, the staff feels there is no reason what so ever to doubt that Lea has 100% of her mental capacity, and that if we can overcome the medical issues we’re dealing with, she will be able to return to a normal life after completing physical rehabilitation. During that rehabilitation period we will do everything possible to make her quality of life as good, if not better than, it was before.

People survive acute pancreatitis, and, I am asking God to make Lea one of those who completely recuperate. (He is in the business of working miracles, and we’ve seen plenty worked here already.) As long as there is a reasonable hope for a complete recovery, it only seems appropriate for us to proceed. If that reasonable hope should be lost to us, we will have to consider other actions.

I appreciate your many kind comments, your questions and suggestions, and your kind wishes and prayers. Our entire family has been truly blessed to have your support to help us through this illness, and we want you to know how much you are appreciated. You have given us courage and strength to go forward, in His name, where others may have faltered and failed in similar circumstances.

I can only tell you that, at the end of the day, I have an abiding love for my darling wife, and hope that God will grant us more time together. If it takes beating very difficult odds over a period of months, reshaping my personal life to be available for her, helping her as she struggles to rehabilitate her body, helping her dress, pushing her in a wheelchair, or whatever else is needed,

I pray for that chance.

Glory to God,