Hi, Update Fans,

I feel that I can be a little light hearted tonight, as the Lord is so strongly at work here again today. Lea continues to do well. As I told you in the last update, she was able to breathe on her own for four hours last evening. When they tried to get her to breathe on her own again this morning, she labored very hard and her blood pressure and heart rates jumped way up.

She was put back on ventilator assist, but it took a couple of hours of waiting to get her blood pressure and heart rate back down to “normal” rates. It was decided that her lung muscles were probably sore from the exercise last night, and that she would have to wait a couple of days to do some more exercising.

She continues to collect fluid in her tissues, and they may try a little diuretic tomorrow to see if the kidneys will make enough urine to carry away the fluids. We’re still hoping for continued improvement in all her systems, and feel that she is doing very well. She had surgery #12 this afternoon, and Dr. Mah said after two or three more he may close up the left side of her incision.

She continues to be heavily sedated and largely uncommunicative. She will sometimes wiggle her toes on request, or open her eyes, but not as often as she used to. She is taking a narcotic to reduce her pain and keep her sedated, and one of the dangers is that she will go too deeply into sedation, and not be able to come entirely out of it.

Dr. Mah is having the nursing staff wean her off at a rate of 10% a day to see what her tolerance level will be. It will have to be some balance between the amount of pain she can tolerate and how much medication they have to give her to help her tolerate that level. She is going to be in pain from that point on, because they want to wean her as much as possible, to ensure that she can be brought out off the medication as she heals.

It will be touch and go for some time, as the right levels will constantly change between surgeries, after surgeries, etc. I would like to ask you to pray for rapid control of her pain through miraculous healing. God has already worked such remarkable progress in her that the surgeons have marveled at her improvement. (Marveled was their adjective, not mine.)

I must confess that I marvel, too, but more about the wide-ranging effect Lea’s illness is causing in the lives of so many wonderful, caring people. God is touching my heart with love and compassion as I read your messages to Lea. When this is all over, you’re coming to my house for a party!

With sincere appreciation,