Another really good day for Lea today. She went through her 11th surgery this afternoon, and a small amount of dead tissue was removed from the pancreas, but she is otherwise looking good. According to Dr. Kirton, Chief Surgeon, he said that in similar cases he has seen in the past, Lea is much farther along than most people are at this time, simply because of her inner strength and desire to heal.

He said that while he was “cautiously optimistic” last Sunday, he is now a little less cautious, and a little more optimistic! He also made the statement that he and Dr. Mah have “marveled” at the drastic change in her condition since last Friday. Those are pretty strong words for a medical doctor! Remember that last Friday was a disappointing day!

Lea’s kidneys have been continually improving over the past few days, and she is now producing well over the minimal amount of urine for an adult, so she was not put back on dialysis after her surgery. It would be wonderful if her kidneys would kick in full force and be able to handle the purification of her blood. If not, she will have to go back on the dialysis machine until she can be weaned from it sometime in the future.

Lea had produced a temperature again after surgery, as she has done in the past, but this time it eventually went up to 103.2 degrees, a very high spike. I placed cool cloths on her forehead, and used another wet cloth to wipe her legs, feet and arms, while the nurse, Flo, located a fan tocool her, and took blood and urine samples to send off for cultures. It will take a couple of days to determine whether this was caused by an infection, but we soon had her temperature down to a more manageable 101.5.

Meanwhile, Flo was working on reducing a rash Lea developed on her left thigh. Although it has reduced in redness, it has been about the same size for over a week, and persists. We have eliminated other areas of redness by changing from a hospital provided body wash and lotion, to Aveeno fragrance-free items, and are hoping that this change will eliminate this persistent area as well.

I played a home-movie of the 1997 “Grandmom Camp”, in which Lea hosted our granddaughters, Lyndi and Megan, for a week filled with activities including crafts, cooking lessons, and themed activities. It was delightful to see Lea react to the voices on her headset . . . ranging from blinking of her eyes, wriggling her toes, and occasionally wrinkling her forehead. She is hearing, and recognizing the voices, and I look forward to when she can sit up and watch the action on screen again.

Glory to God for this marvelous healing, and thank you for your continued prayer support on Lea’s behalf.