Wow! What an emotional roller coaster these last few days have been! Lea’s health has gone from bad to worse to better (Praise God!), and our friend Joe has gone from better to worse to better within the last four days, and all the major changes are happening within a day of each other!

Joe coughed yesterday morning, and took his heart out of a sinus rhythm back into the fibrillation he had before his heart stopped and had to be shocked back into service. The cardiologist will be in to see Joe tomorrow, and we’ll find out what course of action is next. This is a set back for his transfer back home, of course, but we don’t know how long a wait his condition may dictate.

Meanwhile, Miss Lea has demonstrated definite improvement over the results of her surgery on Friday. Remember that Dr. Mah found no new tissue growing on Friday? That caused him to have his boss, Dr. Orlando Kirton (correct spelling) come in on a Sunday to do surgery with him to determine a course of action. As soon as I reported the discouraging report in Friday’s update, Lance sent out an Emergency Prayer Request. (I have to confess to being grief stricken, and only wanted to spend time with Lea to pray over her, and feel sorry for myself.)

We did a lot of praying, and we received lots of emailed well wishes with notes that lots of you were praying, too. And, guess what!? Your prayers worked again! Praise God for his mercy! Drs. Kirton and Mah operated on Lea early this morning (Sunday), and found great improvement over Friday! They found new tissue growing to cover damaged areas of the pancreas! They found no spreading of infection to surrounding organs. Although the culture taken Friday from the abdomen came back positive, indicating infection, they found no general infection, and in fact, Dr. Kirton told us that he and Dr. Mah “celebrated” how well everything was looking!

Here is the best part of the news: Dr. Kirton said that when he first operated on our Lea (her first surgery), he estimated that she had about a 15% chance of survival. Today, after this morning’s surgery, he said he and Dr. Mah are “cautiously optimistic that she has better than a fifty per cent chance of survival!” That is a wonderful improvement, and I am convinced it is the power of your prayers that is making it happen.

I am so grateful to God for this miraculous improvement, and to you for your heartfelt prayers for her health! I want, too, to let you know that your support for Miss Lea is working in other lives as well. I have received several notes from folks who have gotten closer to their spouse, and to God, through their compassion for Lea’s condition. I can’t adequately tell you how proud I am that He is working through her, and that the loved ones in our extended family are receiving blessings through this task we have been given.

May God continue to bless your heart, mind and spirit. May you receive a very special peace for the love you have shown for Lea. Here’s an embarrassingly long, tight, hug from me to you! Thank you for your help!