Just a quick note to let you know that Lea is once again stable, though we apparently came close to losing her. Once again, the teriffic nursing staff at this hospital pulled together as a team, and helped Nick, her nurse, pull her through. You probably won’t hear an update on the system tonight . . . Nick had already pulled extra hours for the day, and yet, chose to stay on and help get Lea stabilized.

Her surgery today, while successful, was disappointing, in that the surgeon found more dead pancreas at a time when he expected her to be healing. She, also, failed to rebound after today’s surgery as she has in the past. Her blood pressure could not be stabilized, and she had difficulty adjusting to the new tracheotomy breathing process because she had been on the oral tube for so long.

I am emotionally exhausted, so will make this note short, and will give you more information with the next update. I am meeting with the surgical team tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. to get some details on our status, and will let you know as soon as I can.

Thank you for the emergency prayers, again! They worked! (Thank you Lance for sending out the request) She did a complete turn around in about two hours! Praise God for His blessings. What a roller coaster ride! ( I like fast cars on level ground! )

Thanks to the Irwin team, where Lea works, for the care package I received today. The picture of the staff you sent is wonderful! Thank those of you who have sent notes and messages. Forgive me for not responding to those individually, but know that I sincerely appreciate them, and plan to have Lea respond to each one with a personal note when she is able.

I am very grateful to each one of you, and pray that your kind prayers for Lea will also bring blessings to your own life. Your heartwarming comments bring joy to my heart and will be a source of great healing power for Lea when she is able to read them.

In His love,

(Thank you, Jesus!)