FROM: Link
July 23 @ 8:13 AM – Day 8

No change in Mom today (which is good). She is stable with no surgery scheduled again until tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers!

July 23 @ 2:51 PM

Hi everyone –

I just got back home from (their home in) Atlanta IN – and there are two boxes (of things Larry thought he would need) coming. Was glad to hear Larry’s voice when he called and gave us the update on Lea. I was able to get some pictures of their cats and will get them sent in the next day or two. We found out that some of the neighbors have been watching out for the cats too and have been around to pet them. If there is anything else back here I can help with, let me know.

July 23 @ 4:05 PM

Thank you so much for all your help. You are a truly a blessing!

FROM: Carol
To: Pam Watkins

July 24 @ 11:27 AM

Sharon works with a guy that is married to one of Lea’s sisters, so I have sort of been kept up to date on what is going on. Anything new or hopeful at this point in time? Is there anything we can do other than pray? Please give my best to Larry and his boys and keep me posted on what is going on.


Carol – So sorry you haven’t been kept up to date, please don’t take it personally. I also had to ask to be added to the email list and occasional phone calls – the quickest way to update you is to refer you to a web site that Lance set up to keep everyone in the know. The link contains information for a phone number that also gives the latest updates

Mom just requested that I drive her to Hartford so that she can be with Larry – not something that I’m looking forward to, but probably something I will do. Keep the prayers coming – it’s the strongest weapon we’ve got!