FROM: Stacy
July 21 @6:53 AM – Day 6

Hello Aunt Lea!

I know if your reading this email that your feeling much better and I praised God for that! What a scary time for us all but especially Larry, Link and Lance. I’m so glad they could be there with you. Next time you don’t have to get so sick to get everyone together for a family reunion! I will continue praying for your continued good health and recovery. We all love you and want the best for you!

FROM: David
July 21 @ 8:35 AM

You are in our prayers. We look forward to seeing your smiling face and hearing your laughter real soon! Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always. Love you!

FROM: Gayle
July 21 @ 9:40 AM

Dearest Lea,
You are constantly on my mind and in my prayers. You are a strong, vital part of our family and we need you to continue to fight to get well. God is awesome and is helping you to endure all that you must go through at this time and will always be by your side. I love you so very much and see your bright smiling face as I think of you when you visited in Florida with us on a Sunday afternoon a couple of months ago. You have such a wealth of stories and the best sense of humor and I loved having lunch with you that day.

I love being your cousin but have always felt a little bit closer than that– you are the almost “big sister” that I never had. I remember so many great and funny times that we have shared through the years. I still hear you telling about one of my not so great moments when you said I got mad playing “spoons”!! I also remember a time when my mom was very sick and in the hospital and you made candy cane cookies with me. What a precious memory that is that comes to light when I think of you.

Remember the crazy days that we have had at camp–swimming in the river, cooking that huge skillet of fried potatoes, walking to the spring, trying to find just the “right spot” to potty so as not to get poison ivy in the wrong spot!!, riding in the old Model T and the time we painted it and all signed our names to it——-so many memories that you are part of. You are in my heart and soul and I love you!

FROM: Shana
July 21 @ 1:53 PM

Larry, I updated Lea’s vacation responses as follows. “I will be out of the office starting 07/07/2005 and will not return until 09/30. Lea is on medical leave and her return date is unknown at this time. Please contact April or Shana if you need further assistance.”