FROM: Karen
July 20 @ 1:25 PM – Day 5

Hi, don’t have a update, Lance did call and say there is nothing new to report. He has a address for all of us if we would like to correspond with the family, send cards to Lea. She can’t have any real flowers in her room; she can have stuffed animals, or anything else that you would like to send. Lance says keep the prayers going. Link should be there tomorrow morning by 10. The family is very grateful for all of your prayers and concerns.

FROM: Cheryl
July 20 @ 8:20 PM

Link, please know we are praying for a quick recovery for your Mom, our prayers and hugs are with you and you and your family!

FROM: Chad
July 20 @ 11:21 PM

Things sound as good as they can from the East…. I can’t wait to see your mom again. Seeing the pix on your site is at once heart-warming and terrifying. I have been thinking about her and you and the family a lot. I can’t imagine what you’ve been through but I’m pretty sure you’re filling your roll as the collected one – the pillar of strength – for everyone around you. If not, that’s okay too. Hang in there, man.