FROM: Barb
July 19 @ 12:18 AM – Day 4

This is a special request for Lea Vaughn. While on a trip back to Indiana from Maine, Lea took critically ill and is in a hospital in Connecticut. Doctors are still looking for answers but as of last update, she is on a respirator and has pneumonia on top of everything else. So, please pass this on as God does listen to and answer prayers. Thank you all.

FROM: Link
July 19 @ 9:00 AM

Aloha All –

I am writing a brief note (to our church family) to ask you to pray for my family. My mom and dad were vacationing in Maine and on the way home this weekend my mom was admitted to a hospital in Meriden, CT for what is believed to be pancreatitis. She has had several complications since being admitted and the outlook is not good. She is hooked up to a respirator and is undergoing dialysis for her kidneys today as they have stopped working. My dad is not in great health either and I am certain he is not taking care of himself too well. My brother is in route as I type and I am flying out this afternoon. Also, much of my mom’s family is driving to Connecticut from Missouri.

Specifically, please lift up my mom (Lea) for healing and my dad (Larry) for comfort and health. Both know the Lord, are ready for heaven, and trust Jesus Christ as their savior. I am personally praying for a miracle healing in my mom… for what I am sure are selfish reasons, but I really am not ready to lose her.

I will have intermittent access to my e-mail during this trip and will have my cell phone with me. Thank you for your prayers… God listens and responds… I pray He brings my mom back and has a great work ahead for her. If not, I pray that she be taken quickly and with little suffering.

FROM: Karen
July 19 @ 9:38 AM

Hi, I am Karen Flessner a dear friend for 30 plus years of the family of Lea and Larry, I just spoke to Lance on the phone, he is in the Chicago airport waiting for his flight to Ct. to join his dad, Link is leaving Hawaii today to join them. Lance has just spoken to Larry and all of Lea’s organs have shut down and things are not where we want them to be right now. I don’t know other than a miracle from God that could pull her thru. Lance and the family is asking for your prayers for Lea and the Larry, Link and family and Lance and his fiance to get them thru this next few days and they have to have your support to help them.

FROM: Karen
July19 @ 3:15 PM

Hi, this is Karen Flessner again, just got a phone call from Lance and Lea has stabilized enough for them to airlift her to a hospital in Hartford. She had a procedure done that removed the triglycerides from her blood to remove the fat that is causing the problem, they are going to do that procedure maybe another time or two and also maybe do a procedure to remove fluid that has built up in the Pancreas.

Lance was at the hospital when she was transferred and drove Larry to the hospital in Hartford. He sounded really good, was so glad to be with his parents. He will let me know if there is any change. He said he contacted all of the family by cell phones that are enroute to the hospital to let them know of the change. He said keep those prayers going, they are working……… We know that Lea is not out of the woods yet, but even a glimmer of her improving is wonderful, he said she knows that everyone is praying for her and we know she is a fighter. Will keep you posted.