FROM: Lance
Sunday, July 17 @ 7:49 AM – Day 2

Got a call from Dad. I guess she just woke up from a one-hour nap a few moments ago. Pain is still severe.. Still waiting for diagnosis. According to this website, anything could happen at any time for any reason….

From: Link
July 17 @ 11:41 AM

I just spoke with Dad… Sounds like Mom is improving in ICU and that they will be there 4 or 5 more days. Joe has been moved to the hospital in Hartford so Dad is without wheels.

The doctor believes the pancreatitis was brought on by an extremely high cholesterol level. Mom stopped taking her medicine several months ago to eliminate hot flashes… which by the way the doctor believes was an early sign of pancreatitis rather than an allergic reaction to the medicine.

Thanks for the updates!

FROM: Lance
July 17 @ 2:12 PM

Elevated heart rate, labored breathing, etc. Doctor has moved her to the ICU.

FROM: Lance
July 17 @ 5:13 PM

She has stabilized. They will keep her at the hospital until her pancreas begins operating normally. Hopefully no more than 4 or 5 days.

FROM: Christy
To: Lance, Link

July 17 @ 4:05 PM

Just wanted to let you no we are praying for Aunt Lea’s health. Could you please ad me to your contact list as Mom (Kathy) is so upset she has a hard time passing on this info to me. I’ve been talking on the phone with Aunt Barb and Dawn so we all have the correct information on your mom.

We are very concerned for her and Love her very much, please remember if you need anything we are there!! Please give everyone hugs and kisses for us. I am sending this with love and prayer from us to you and your families – your cousin in Hannibal.

July 17 @ 8:02 PM

Thank you, Christy. It is encouraging to hear that so many are praying for Mom – Thanks for letting us know. We (Lyndi, Megan, and I) are praying for a healing that will relieve Mom from her pain and restore her to full health. Also, please pray for my dad, Larry. He is struggling with the thought of losing my Mom. Please pray for peace, blessed assurance, joy and comfort for him and he stays at the hospital alone. We will lift all of you up as well… Sometimes we forget to pray for our extended family and your note has reminded me that even though we are thousands of miles apart, we remain close.

FROM: Lance
July 17 @ 7:42 PM

They have upgraded her condition to “Guarded” as a formality and she will remain in the Acute Care Unit for the night where she can be actively monitored. When she was last awake, she claimed that she thinks she’s feeling better, but she continues to push the morphine button and then fades back to sleep. She has several IVs and tubes to manage her fluids and meds. Next update will be in the morning. Please keep her in your prayers.

As an update, her friend Joe is stable and is being relocated to the hospital in Hartford, CT where he will receive a catheterization and stent.

July 17 @ 8:07 PM

Thank you for the update…. Lyndi and Megan leave tomorrow for Arizona – Please pray for their safe passage and that they make an impact for the kingdom of God during their travels.

FROM: Lance
July 17 @ 8:35 PM

Many of us are upset and want to help. Larry is asking that no one fly to visit at this time. He doesn’t want to cause Lea to be alarmed at such a critical stage.

Bless all of you for your love and prayers!